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13 Creative Kids Valentine Craft Ideas

Every 14th of February, we celebrate the day of love and affection with the one we love. Therefore, before we arrive at that day, we need to prepare something. Especially for the kids, since Valentine’s day belong not only to the lover, but for the kids too. Since they need to learn to appreciate love from young age, below there are 13 ideas of Valentine crafts for the creative kids.

For example, the best thing to teach for the creative kids is how to make a great presents for their friends. Anybody will definitely be happy when receiving gift. So, it is actually great if you tell your kids to make some inexpensive gift to be meaningful for their friends. Moreover, you can also teach them to make some crafts for the decoration on this occasion.

Mostly the craft will be about love and gift. If you like the ideas, absolutely you can directly tell the kids to do this on the Valentine’s day this year.

DIY Valentine Craft Using Home Equipments

Firstly, creative kids need to sharpen their skill to make some crafts. For the Valentine’s day itself, there are some craft that is surprisingly easy to do by the kids. One example would be making a bookmark shaped like a heart by bend it at the midpoint. This craft is surprisingly easy, but not many people know how to do this.

Creative Kids Valentine 1 Result
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Another fun ideas for the kids is to make decoration from a heart-shaped paper. Not only that the kids will be more creative shaping the paper, but also later they can give this paper bouquet to their friends.

Creative Kids Valentine 13 Result
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Got a clothes hanger and some colorful paper? We can make this craft with the creative kids at home. All you need to do is making some heart-shaped from colorful papers, then hang it by the thread connecting to the hanger.

Creative Kids Valentine 12 Result
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Paper Quilling For Valentine’s Day

This idea of craft is quite popular in 2017. All you need is some colorful paper to quill in a sheet of paper. The results is really good for some decoration or for Valentine’s card to be send.

Creative Kids Valentine 11 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 10 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine’s Gift

Of course you need to teach the kids to love their friends. One way to do this is by making some easy but meaningful Valentine gift for your kid’s friends at school. Nobody can reject food,so the best thing to do with the kids is wrapping some foods into a creative gift.

Creative Kids Valentine 9 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 8 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 7 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 6 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 5 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 4 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 3 Result
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Creative Kids Valentine 2 Result
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