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16 Simple and Sweet Valentine Gift Ideas

Everyone is rushing to find the perfect gift for her/his Valentine on February 14th. A Valentine gift shows that someone really care for the partner. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide what kind of valentine gift you will share to your lover. But definitely a woman would love these kind of 16 simple and sweet valentine gift ideas.

Chocolate is still the number one most popular gift for a Valentine’s day. Another good present is a handmade cupcake or cake, also not to mention some flowers to create the love atmosphere.

Whatever the valentine gift is, one thing you should always keep in mind. To give one with a sincere heart, then the one who receive the gift will feel happy and loved. Also, try to give the best gift as you might only have one chance in a year for showing your love.

A Bucket of Chocolate Candy

Firstly, you need to recognize what kind of chocolate that your valentine likes. Is it dark chocolate or milk chocolate? The sweet or the bitter one? But if you really have no idea of your valentine’s preference, just give him/her a bucket full of chocolate and candy. Definitely the love shape decoration can be included in this bucket of love.

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Bouquet of Flowers

Especially rose, if you really want to show your valentine how much you love her. Every woman usually loves rose. Not only they are pretty and had an amazing shape, but also the fragrance will create the Valentine vibes. A bouquet of flowers on the Valentine’s day will really brighten her mood for one day.

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Actually, for some people the color of roses that you give had a specific meaning. Red roses is the most popular since it is a sign of a deep, passionate love. While the white one shows that your valentine had a pure love for you. Surprisingly, yellow is a color for a friendship gift. So, be careful when you choose the color of roses.

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Handmade Chocolate Cake

Last but not least, the most popular valentine gift nowadays is a handmade chocolate cake. Especially the instagrammable one. Not to mention that every time someone receive a gift, they usually take a picture of it and post on the social media first. Enjoying the gift will be the last thing she did. But anyone will always adore whoever give some time to bake some sweet chocolate cake on the Valentine’s day.

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