13 Most Unique Tree House Design For Kids

Your kids need one tree house, especially if you live in a suburban area where there is a lot of space to build one in the backyard. But before you build a tree house, it is important to have a good image of the exterior design of the tree house. With the unique tree house design, not only that your kids can play safely and comfortably, but also you can be proud with your own design.

Have you ever seen a tree house design with a round shape? If you haven’t, then you will be amazed of how interesting it is. Just like the shape of a bee hive above the tree, but in this case it is a tree house. There are also some other unique shape of tree house to make the kids feel like it is on a wonderland.

The key to have the best tree house design is try your best to make the kids happy. If the kids happy with the design, then you will be happy too seeing them playing in it.

A Place To Have Leisure Time

Firstly, if you don’t want to build the tree house just for the kids, you might add some hammocks below the tree house. You can absolutely watch the kids while they are playing but also have a good time relaxing your body at the hammock.

Treehouse 1 Result
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Treehouse 2 Result
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Round-Shaped Tree House

Usually, a tree house has a shape just like a normal house. But some people believe that it is also a good idea to have a round-shaped tree house, just like a huge nest between the trees.

Treehouse 3 Result
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Of course to build these round-shaped tree house, you surely need some more effort. Moreover if you want to show that the house looks like it is floating in the air like the one below.

Treehouse 6 Result
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Eventually, this kind of tree house design needs some old trees between it to support it. You can’t have one if there is only one or two trees on your backyard.

Treehouse 5 Result
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Treehouse 4 Result
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Treehouse 7 Result
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Treehouse 8 Result
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Treehouse 9 Result
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Best Place For Tree House Design

Of course the location is also an important point when you decide to build a tree house. It will be absolutely  very nice to have one between the cherry blossom trees. Then when the spring comes, you can enjoy seeing the flower from the tree house.

Treehouse 10 Result
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Treehouse 11 Result
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Treehouse 12 Result
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Treehouse 13 Result
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