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14 Wonderful Tree House Design Ideas For The Kids

Having your own tree house in the backyard can be fun and the kids must be happy to play in it. However, before you build your own tree house, there are some things that you should consider before. For example, the tree house design. To facilitate you, below we show you 14 wonderful tree house design that your kids might love.

There are various kind of tree house design. Firstly, you can make it as simple as possible with such a simple design too. But if you love to make it as great as possible, you might need more effort but the result will be worth it too. The choice is in your hand of what tree house you want to build.

Another thing to be concerned is the safety aspect for the tree house. As this one is for kids, you might want to consider to build it not too high, so that your kids will be safe playing in it.

Tree House With Outdoor Activity

While you are thinking making one tree house, don’t forget that you can kill two birds with one stone. Means that you can do both making one and also build an outdoor activity facilities for the kids. For example, you might want to complete the tree house with the flying fox or any other outdoor activity.

Treehouse Kids 1 Result
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Treehouse Kids 12 Result
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Simple Tree House

Had an idea but you are not a person who can design a complicated tree house? Don’t worry since you can always build a simple tree house.

Treehouse Kids 14 Result
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Even if it does not looks like a ‘house’, your kids will definitely love to climb to the top of the tree while playing there. As simple as possible, but of course a safety aspect still need to be thought.

Treehouse Kids 13 Result
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Tree House With Slides

Not only that this is fun, but your kids will always find a happiness every time they try to climb down the tree house. Since they can easily slides to the ground, why don’t we make this to make our children happy?

Treehouse Kids 11 Result
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With installing the slide, your kids must be in a spirit to play inside the tree house everyday. This is actually important. The kids need to move their body a lot rather than playing with some gadgets all day.

Treehouse Kids 10 Result
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Treehouse Kids 8 Result
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Treehouse Kids 9 Result
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Safety Aspect of Tree House

Lastly, remember that you build this tree house for your kids. So that you need to always concern to the safety aspect. Build some safe fencing around the house to make sure your kids won’t easily fall to the ground from high above.

Treehouse Kids 7 Result
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