DIY St Patrick’s Day Decor, Greenies Everywhere!

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Ahead of the St Patrick’s Day in March, why don’t you prepare creating DIY St Patrick’s day decor? Why DIY? Because it will be a fun and exciting project with the kids, and also will be remembered by them for long time. Need another idea? Try this DIY ideas for crafty souls. Gorgeous Greenies Talking about … Read more

Stylish Toy Storage Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Playroom Look Neat

Stylish Toy Storage Ideas

We all know that kids own a lot of stuff. They can never get enough of new toys—they will always want more. They need all of the fun to keep them occupied while you are busy with your own job as a grown up. But, some parents find it tricky to keep the house looking … Read more

Small Space Kid’s Playroom Ideas You Need to Check Out

Small Space Kid’s Playroom Ideas

Having lack of space at home might possibly become most parent’s nightmare, especially when living with little children. Moreover, regardless their small bodies, kids usually demand spacious room and comfort. Now if you ever wonder whether a playroom is necessary or not, the answer is yes; when you live with toddlers and don’t want them … Read more

Robotic Projects for Kids that are Fun and Easy

robotic projects for kids

One of the ways to get children interested in learning more about science and technology is by introducing basic robotics to them. While it can be difficult and complicated as you go further, they might find their true obsession after having this activity. So, why not give one of these robotic projects for kids a … Read more

Totally Fresh Kid’s Playroom Decorating Ideas You Will Love

kid's playroom decorating ideas

Are you in need of some kid’s playroom decorating ideas to provide the best playing space for your little ones? Then, you’re lucky to find this article. Here we’ll talk about the things you must pay attention at when it comes to preparing a kid’s playroom. Playroom is a place your children will spend hours … Read more

19 Clever and Stylish Ways to Organize Your Kids’s Toys

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Getting tired of the messy room everyday after your kids playing along the room? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need these clever and stylish ways to organize your kids’s toys. Not only that you will get the room more organized, but also it will be much less messy, since every similar toys … Read more

18 Super Creative Lego Room Ideas

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Playing lego is both fun and challenging. Mostly, parents love to give this toys for their child, because not only that they can train their motor by arranging the lego, but also they can be more creative by creating the new shape. If you have thousands of lego, you probably need one lego room to … Read more

17 Interesting Things You Can Do With Kool-Aid


Kool-aid is a product that you can mix with water and make a full-flavor drinking. It actually has many flavor, that is represented in a gradation of beautiful color. Interestingly, we can do so much things using the kool-aid, beside making it as a drink. Firstly, since kool-aid has the great color, you can use … Read more

16 Fun DIY Ideas for Your Kids To Make At Home

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If you ever get overwhelmed by a little kid who always ask you to play with him, then you might not creative enough to facilitate them with some fun activities. In this article, we will share some creative and fun DIY ideas for your kids to make at home. There are actually many kinds of … Read more