Best Toy Bin Organizers

Wouldn’t we all love an automatic machine that could pick up your kid’s toys and keep them arranged in a neat and tidy manner? Imagine something like that. Unfortunately, the scientists have not come up with a cool innovative machine like that, so till then, it will be our duty to yell at our kids to pick up the toys and then ultimately do it ourselves. But, a few other cool things have been invented. The invention or the discovery I am talking about is, toy bin organizers. Toy bin organizers won’t pick up after your kids, but it can help you store all you kid’s toys in a nice and neat way. Toy bin organizers have been present for a long time, but over the years, like everything, they too have changed and adapted to the current needs and requirements. Nowadays there are toy bin organizers for almost every single type of toy. Be it a soft toy or remote control cars, there is a toy bin organizer designed for that. So today, we are going to save you from a massive confusion-driven headache and explain to you everything about toy bin organizers and also list out the top ten toy bin organizers available in the market today.

So, a toy bin organizer as the name suggests is meant to keep all of your kid’s toys tidy and neat, this will not only make the house look 10 times cleaner and more presentable but also your child will be able to find their toy much easier, rather than having to dig through a huge pile. As mentioned, these toy bin organizers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and choosing one can be as hard as choosing a new car (okay, maybe not that much)

Now, before you choose a toy bin organizer, there are some things that you should keep in mind. First of all, the type of toy bin organizer you buy depends on the type of toys your child plays with. If they gravitate more towards soft toys, then you have to buy an organizer that is made for soft toys, now I say this because, if you store your toys in a random organizer, there is a chance they could get damaged. There are organizers where you can put all types of toys and stuff, but the ones I had mentioned are very specific. In this article, we will cover all types of organizers, so no need to worry. The next thing you have to keep in mind is the budget and the space available. It is easy to get carried away by all the modern design, extremely trendy organizers, but fix a budget and stay within your price range, the last thing you want to do is spend more than what you wanted on a toy organizer. Then comes a really important point, the size of the organizer. You need to understand how much size is available to you, to set up an organizer. Now, the main purpose of the organizer is to create space but to let it do its job, you have to make space for the organizer. Organizers can be mounted on walls, attached to your door, I mean there are plenty of different ways, but understand how much space you have, because this is key, if you buy an organizer that is way too big for the room it is not going to look good and also it won’t be able to serve its purpose. So know the exact size and space available to you.

Here are some quick tips to help you organize your kid’s toys:

  • Edit the toys: Keep only those toys that your kid plays with, there is no point in keeping those toys that do not get played with. Also check if your kid has any toys that are similar in nature, not toy cars or dolls, but maybe two train sets, if your child still uses the toy then it is okay, but if they do not then there is no point in keeping them.
  • Lose the boxes the toy comes in: The boxes and the plastics that the toy comes in only increase the clutter, and also a renowned pediatrician said that mixing pieces from different toy sets promotes more creative play, as a child isn’t limited to just one thing.
  • Group likes with likes: Group all the toy cars or the dolls your child has together in one box. This makes it easier for them to pick out their toy but will also motivate them to arrange their toys back in order.
  • Use simple photo labels: Hanging photos of the toys that need to go in the toy box give your child an idea or even will guide them to cleaning up after themselves. This will also improve your child’s memory power and overall have a good impact on them.
  • Turn clean-up into a game: One way of making the whole clean-up process and fun and interesting is to turn it into a game. You put new challenges or rewards that will make the kids interested in cleaning up. What games and what rewards to use are up to you, you can use your imagination and your kid’s interests to come up with a cool and effective game.

Now, since we understood what a baby bin organizer is, and the things to keep in mind before purchasing one, let’s move onto the top ten baby bin organizers in the market.

List of Best Toy Bin Organizers

  • Humble crew toy storage organizer with 12 plastic bins
  • Tot tutors supersize wood toy, storage organizer
  • Boon animal bag stuffed animal storage
  • Closetmaid cubeicals organizer
  • 3 Sprouts bear storage bin
  • Criusia collapsible storage bins (6-pack)
  • Magdesigner toy storage organizer bins on wheels
  • Little one’s 6 shelves baby foldable wardrobe
  • Flipzon multipurpose 6 shelve baby wardrobe
  • Simplay 3’s play around storage table and toy box

Humble crew toy storage organizer with 12 plastic bins
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The Humble toy storage is perfect to store all of your kid’s toys. The storage comes with 12 plastic bins, which makes storing things easy and also at the same time extremely colorful and pretty. The organizer has an open top, thus making it extremely easy for your kids to see where the toys have been kept. There are four large bins and eight smaller bins. All of which fit well within a sturdy wooden frame. The bins are removable, providing easy access to your kids as well. The storage boxes can be cleaned easily, so parents do not have to worry about them being dirty. The Humble storage boxes are recommended for kids aged 3 to 8. The organizer comes in multiple color schemes and can easily match with any decor.


  • Lots of space
  • Looks extremely trendy
  • Can match or fit with any decor


  • Takes some time to assemble

Tot tutors supersize wood toy, storage organizer

Very much similar to the Humble Crew storage organizer, the Tot Tutors Organizer is also open storage that allows children to see where all of their stuff has been kept. It is extremely easy to access, thus your child will be able to take and put the toys back on their own, they would not require your help. The storage comes with 16 bins, 3 small ones and one large one. The bins can accommodate anything, from soft toys to dollhouses (tiny of course) The storage space is built for durability, thus there is a chance it could last till your child goes to college, maybe you could give it to them, as a storage space for their college dorm. Cleaning the bins is also very easy and doesn’t require much effort. Tot tutors storage space is also not that expensive, so overall this is a great choice, however, it does take some time to assemble, and during that process, you could get easily frustrated, but think of how pretty your baby’s room will look once it is completed, if you have that thought in your mind then there won’t be an issue.


  • Comes with 16 bins
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • stylish


  • Hard to assemble

Boon animal bag stuffed animal storage

The Boon storage is exclusively made for stuffed animals, so if your child has lots of them, then this is the perfect storage space for them. You can fit a lot of soft toys in this bag and moreover, this organizer is certified in the KonMari method (which means, tidying by category and not location) The Boon animal bag can hold a ton of stuffed animals, and also they double up as ottomans, a win-win situation for everybody. They are easy to access, and your child will not have a hard time, taking out or putting toys back in this bag. The only downside to this storage space is the price you are paying, but you do get a solid product, that is for sure.


  • Can fit a lot of stuffed animals
  • Can double as an ottoman
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive

Closetmaid cubeicals organizer

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The Closetmaid cubeicals organizer is a good solution to keep your kid’s toys neat and tidy, also if you have more than one child, this organizer will be extremely useful. The Closetmaid cubeicals have 12 storage spaces, that are big enough to store the majority of the toys your kid will have. Similar to the Tot Tutors Supersized to wood storage organizer, this storage space will also grow with your child, and depending on their changes and needs, you can store different things. It will take some time to assemble, but in the end, it will be worth it.


  • Has 12 storage spaces
  • Stylish
  • Can hold big toys
  • Durable


  • Hard to assemble

3 Sprouts bear storage bin

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The 3 sprouts toy bin storage for sure will entertain your little one. The toy organizer has a picture of a bear on its cover. The storage can be used to hold toys of any kind. It is large enough to accommodate most of your kid’s toys, and in case you need an extra one, the company has a buy one get one free offer as well. However, one parent complained that the storage bin would get dirty very easily and it was impossible to clean, some also mentioned that the product is not long-lasting.


  • Easy to access
  • The bin on its own is lightweight
  • Fun and cool designs


  • Hard to clean
  • Not long-lasting

Criusia collapsible storage bins (6-pack)

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The Criusia storage bins come with 6 easy to access storage bins. The bins are large enough to accommodate most of your kid’s toys. Moreover, the bins look extremely modern and trendy and can match the decor of any room. There is no assembly time with these boxes, just unfold them, and voila, they are ready to be used. You can easily label them on the outside or inside or even clip a picture onto the outside of the box, showing your kids what belongs inside.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The boxes are large
  • Trendy


  • There are no real cons for this product

Magdesigner toy storage organizer bins on wheels

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This has to be one of the fanciest toy storage out there.  The Magdesigner toy storage is for those kids that want their toys to be with them all around the house. The Magdesigner toy storage is an organizer that has wheels attached to it, to make carrying it around easier. The trolly has 4 boxes which are arranged on top of each other. The organizer is extremely sturdy and also very easy to clean. The organizer is an easy reach-in design that kids will absolutely love.


  • Has wheels, thus making it extremely easy to carry around
  • Comes with 4 storage boxes
  • The built quality is good and the trolly is extremely sturdy


  • It’s a bit on the pricey side

Little one’s 6 shelves baby foldable wardrobe

The Little One’s 6 shelves baby foldable wardrobe is much better than having regular storage boxes lying around your house. The 6 shelves storage rack is available in playful print and bright automatic blue color, the rack is made of superior quality fabric and zippers. The rack also has a double opening design and side pockets which provide extra storage. You can choose to use it as an open rack or opt for the zipper. The rack has 4 swivel wheels which provide 360-degree movement. The rack is compact and lightweight and can be easily moved around. However, the only issue is, you cannot store heavy objects on the rack, one parent mentioned that, if you put a heavy object on the first rack, then the racks tend to lose their structure and also look like they may break easily.


  • Has wheels
  • Can be moved around easily
  • Good quality materials


  • Can’t place heavy products on the rack

Flipzon multipurpose 6 shelve baby wardrobe

Similar to the Little one’s 6 shelves baby foldable wardrobe, the Flipzon multipurpose shelves are coupled with a playful outer fabric cover, this storage rack will fit perfectly in your little one’s room. The Flipzon racks are stronger than the Little One’s racks, however, you would have to pay extra to get this product. The storage rack is made of superior quality fabric and zippers. The rack is available in different colors. The Flipzon rack also has side pockets which offer plenty of space to store extra stuff. The Flipzon wardrobe is also extremely easy to wash.


  • Has wheels
  • Can be moved around easily
  • Can store a lot of stuff
  • Strong and sturdy


  • Expensive

Simplay 3’s play around storage table and toy box

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Speak about multi-purpose, the toy organizer can be used inside or outside. The Simplay toy storage gives kids a place to play and a place to keep their toys. The storage box is extremely durable and can withstand any harsh weather. The storage box is also extremely easy to clean and really attractive to look at.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Can be used as a table
  • Durable


  • No real cons for this product

So, now no more messy house, no more toys here and there, get any one of these amazing kids to toy storage and watch your house transform into a sanctuary. All of these storage spaces have their own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you read everything carefully and happy choosing!


Do I need to buy multiple storages?
That depends on how much toy your child has. if they have lots and you feel, one storage space is not enough, then you probably would want a second one.

Are the storage boxes with wheels necessary?
No, they are not necessary, but if your child likes to have their toys around with them all the time, then the storage boxes with the wheels would be a good choice to have, as you can easily put it back into the box, without having to carry them across the house.

Can these storage spaces be used to store other things as well?
Yes, they can be used to store other things as well. maybe half of the storage cupboard can be used to store your kids toys and the remaining can be used to store whatever you want.

How do I clean these storage bins?
Most of them just needs to be wiped down with a wet towel or you can even use a wet wipes. however, some of them, if the dirt is too much, will need to be hosed down or put under the tap. just read the instruction manual carefully, before attempting to clean them.

Does size matter?
Yes, you need to find one that will fit perfectly in your child’s room. if you buy one that is too big, then the room won’t have enough space, to fit a bed or a table. so before you purchase a toy storage bin, check how much space is available and then proceed to buy one. also check the measurements of the storage space before buying it, because it may look small online, but once you receive it, it could be much bigger than what you think it is.

Can I use a single box to share both of my kids toys?
You can but it won’t be a good idea. if both your kids are boys or girls, then it is okay because they most probably would be using the same toys, however, if it is one boy and one girl, then it is always better to have to separate toy storage boxes, as this would get rid of any confusion your kids will have, and also will be easier for them to take their toys and also put it back into the box. so, I would recommend having more than one storage box. the majority of the products mentioned on this list, have enough space to fit the toys of two kids, so space should not be an issue, also, you can buy a storage that can be mounted on the wall, as the provide more space than a regular storage. so, these are the solutions to your question.

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