Top 5 Beautiful Maternity Shoot Ideas

Pregnancy is the most memorable moment and also remarkable time for all women to be a mother. They will look even more amazing and beautiful with the loving action and full of anticipation stare to their bump during the maternity shots. By doing the shots, mom will not only make it as the memorable documentation but also celebrating the changing in the body during pregnancy.

Either way, here are our top 5 beautiful maternity shoot ideas for your inspiration to give it a go:

  1. seek out jaw dropping background
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Unless you are doing no- background photo, choosing the location for photo shoot is very important. Try to seek out the unique location which might not everyone knows about, make sure the location makes unusual and jaw dropping backdrop for your photo. After deciding the location as the setting, you can go to find perfect outfit and lighting to create the best product out of it.

2. Do unusual position with your partner in frame

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Including your partner in the maternity frame couldn’t be more perfect. Deciding to do maternity shot together with your partner is very beautiful decision especially if you are a newbie to enter the parenthood world. Furthermore, it will be the amazing memory when the child you are carrying begins to grow up and look at their parent’s picture with him/her inside mom’s belly.

Another perk of getting your partner in frame is that you can do various different poses and position that you are desire, because you and your partner don’t have to standing or just sitting and smiling together in front of the camera.

3. Milk bathing

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Taking milk bath is probably the most calming when the mother take her solo shoot. To make it even more colorful, add some colorful flowers around you while you lie down inside bath tub doing some poses while embracing the bump.

4. Painted belly

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The painted belly maternity shoot was popularized by Corrina McLean while her pregnancy was 34 weeks pregnant. Apparently this kind of style is getting popular and people get more creative to paint their belly. If you have known your baby’s sex, it should be much more fun to paint any picture and color according to your baby’s gender.

5. High contrast reflection

Kirsty Pedlington Pregnancy Photoshoot
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When you see the maternity picture above, it may look so simple, but once you take closer inspection, there is a deep meaning and a contrast reflection. In one shot, there is a mom and the baby on top of her belly, while the other side, shows the pregnant mom.

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