16 DIY Backyard Ninja Warrior Course

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 11 Result

If you often watched the American Ninja Warrior shows, then you might as well get some inspirations for your backyard. You will want to build the obstacles for the kids or even for yourself as an adult to exercise. This is why in this article, we will share some ideas of American Ninja Warrior backyard … Read more

Easy DIY Felt Projects that are Lovely and Functional

DIY Felt Projects

One of the commonly used craft supplies is felt. Besides being budget-friendly, the fabric also comes in various colors and is easy to work with; either using stitches or hot glue. If you ever wonder what you can do with the fabric except those home decorations, then you can take a look at these functional … Read more

DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas That Don’t Cost You Much

DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Mostly, kids find their birthday essential. Whether they show it or not, they do wish to be able to celebrate the day. As a parent, of course you want to make it come true. But if budget is your problem, then you should not have to worry. With these birthday party decoration ideas you can … Read more

DIY Project and Decoration Ideas to Do with Kids

diy decoration ideas

Doing some DIY projects with kids becomes one of great ways to have quality time. It is both fun and educational, and you’ll get some nice stuff as a bonus. If you’ve been wondering what to do with your children, students, or any other kids to kill the time and build stronger bonds, go take … Read more

17 Interesting Things You Can Do With Kool-Aid


Kool-aid is a product that you can mix with water and make a full-flavor drinking. It actually has many flavor, that is represented in a gradation of beautiful color. Interestingly, we can do so much things using the kool-aid, beside making it as a drink. Firstly, since kool-aid has the great color, you can use … Read more

16 Fun DIY Ideas for Your Kids To Make At Home

DIY Kids Result

If you ever get overwhelmed by a little kid who always ask you to play with him, then you might not creative enough to facilitate them with some fun activities. In this article, we will share some creative and fun DIY ideas for your kids to make at home. There are actually many kinds of … Read more

20 Creative Kids Decoration Ideas with DIY Touches

Craft Result

Do you know that kids has the most creativity since they are still in their golden age? If you already know about this, then you might as well looking for some ideas to make a DIY kids decoration. Not only that by creating these decoration you will have more quality time with the kids, but … Read more

16 Fun and Playful Backyard Projects For Kids

Backyard Playground 7 Result

When you have the wide backyard, you might need to decorate it with something rather than making a landscape only. Moreover, if you have some kids, it will be actually fun to do some backyard projects for the kid’s happiness and activities. Here are some ideas that you might want to steal. To make a … Read more

17 Excellent Ideas On Kids Natural Playscapes

Natural Playscape Result

Everyone surely knows that kids love to play around. Whether it is running all day long, climbing something, or trying new things, kids are the best. Therefore, if you have enough space around your house, it must be a good idea to build some natural playscapes for the kids. Basically, the natural playscapes are made … Read more