Easy DIY Felt Projects that are Lovely and Functional

DIY Felt Projects

One of the commonly used craft supplies is felt. Besides being budget-friendly, the fabric also comes in various colors and is easy to work with; either using stitches or hot glue. If you ever wonder what you can do with the fabric except those home decorations, then you can take a look at these functional … Read more

DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas That Don’t Cost You Much

DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Mostly, kids find their birthday essential. Whether they show it or not, they do wish to be able to celebrate the day. As a parent, of course you want to make it come true. But if budget is your problem, then you should not have to worry. With these birthday party decoration ideas you can … Read more

DIY Decoration Ideas to Make Your Garden Colorful

DIY Decoration

Having a garden at home must be fun. It contributes to your supply of fresh air, and you have extra area for kids to play—not to mention the benefits of having various plants and herbs in the garden. While you’ve been trying to keep your house looking fine, let’s not forget to take your time … Read more

DIY Project and Decoration Ideas to Do with Kids

diy decoration ideas

Doing some DIY projects with kids becomes one of great ways to have quality time. It is both fun and educational, and you’ll get some nice stuff as a bonus. If you’ve been wondering what to do with your children, students, or any other kids to kill the time and build stronger bonds, go take … Read more

Must-Try DIY Mini Piñata Ideas Kids Will Love

DIY mini piñata

Everyone loves piñata. It’s so popular in many types of celebrations and has always become the main attraction of a party. Since almost all of us want to take a swing at the piñata, what about making some mini piñatas so everybody can experience the joy of ‘smashing’ and making treats coming off the colorful … Read more

Cool Festive St Patrick’s Day DIY Decorations

st patrick's day diy

We all know that March the 17th is a crucial day, especially for the Christians. It was the day Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, died. People celebrate the luck of Irish through parades and festivals, also by wearing shamrocks or green attire. If you’re planning on throwing a celebration, then you might … Read more

20 Magnificent DIY Kids Decoration Ideas for Crafty Souls

DIY kids decoration ideas

There are a lot of things you can do to spend more quality time with your children, including reading a book or watching movies together. But if you want your kids to be a little more productive, then you can try creating crafts with them. Therefore, our DIY kids decoration ideas will help you nurture … Read more

Creative PVC Pipe Ideas You Should Definitely Make

PVC Pipe Ideas

PVC pipe projects have been so popular since they don’t require much money and are easy to pack around. As one of the most produced synthetic plastic polymers, PVC comes in rigid and flexible forms that makes it one of the most preferred materials in DIY crafts mania. Therefore, these PVC pipe ideas are brought … Read more

Robotic Projects for Kids that are Fun and Easy

robotic projects for kids

One of the ways to get children interested in learning more about science and technology is by introducing basic robotics to them. While it can be difficult and complicated as you go further, they might find their true obsession after having this activity. So, why not give one of these robotic projects for kids a … Read more

DIY Colorful Garden Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Garden Decor Ideas

While hiring a landscape designer may cost a lot of money, decorating your backyard or garden yourself seems like a great idea. Especially when you’re one with crafty soul, you possibly will love the work. Therefore, these garden decor ideas are brought to you to help you out. There are so many fun ways to … Read more