Easy DIY Felt Projects that are Lovely and Functional

DIY Felt Projects

One of the commonly used craft supplies is felt. Besides being budget-friendly, the fabric also comes in various colors and is easy to work with; either using stitches or hot glue. If you ever wonder what you can do with the fabric except those home decorations, then you can take a look at these functional … Read more

20 Magnificent DIY Kids Decoration Ideas for Crafty Souls

DIY kids decoration ideas

There are a lot of things you can do to spend more quality time with your children, including reading a book or watching movies together. But if you want your kids to be a little more productive, then you can try creating crafts with them. Therefore, our DIY kids decoration ideas will help you nurture … Read more

18 DIY St Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Saint Patrick Result

St Patrick’s Day is coming soon. It is definitely the day to celebrate the death of Saint Patrick, which is the foremost patron saint of the Ireland. Every¬†17th of March, there is a celebration among the Irish, that also includes a public parades and festival. If you want your kids to be aware of the … Read more

20 Creative Kids Decoration Ideas with DIY Touches

Craft Result

Do you know that kids has the most creativity since they are still in their golden age? If you already know about this, then you might as well looking for some ideas to make a DIY kids decoration. Not only that by creating these decoration you will have more quality time with the kids, but … Read more

20 Adorable Mini Pinatas For Your Kid’s Party

Mini Result

Are you planning on throwing a party for your kids? Whether it is a birthday party, costume party, or another one, you can always try to make these super cute mini pinatas for the party purpose. Pinatas are usually big, hanging on the roof and contains many candies inside it. To make the party fun, … Read more

17 Creative Craft To Keep Your Kids Busy

Kids Craft 15 Result

One of the biggest challenge for parents nowadays is keeping their kids away from gadgets. Remember that your kids absolutely needs to exercise their motor and body, not by staring at the gadgets all day. These 17 creative craft might gives you some insight of how to keep your kids busy at the day without … Read more