Stop Buy Toys for Your Kids, They Need These Instead

Are you kind of parent who must give toys to their children? Or are you kind of parents who just don’t like to make your house to appear mess? Ethington was little worry when her relatives asked what kind of toys her kids love, instead of giving them some clues, she just responded by saying that her kids don’t really play with toys.

On Scary Mommy, Meredith Ethington shared tips why she doesn’t like relatives to buy her kids some toys. Besides, like other normal parents who don’t like to turn their house into mess, she actually prefers to gives them other things rather than makes them into toy hoarders.

It seems like giving toys to children is kind of tradition for parents, but apparently they don’t have to. Kids actually love something more than just sitting whole day playing some toys. Maybe sometimes yes, they need those Barbie dolls with its house or giant truck with endless long road.

Instead of giving some toys, kids will love if parents and relatives just spend some times with them to play with, take them on ice cream or other sweet treat date or buy some experiences for them such as park down the street, seeing animals at the zoo, learning history in museums, or taking them to sport spots if the kids love sports. These will give more support for their passion and explore the actual world rather than just sitting and moving dead stuff because it will never be toy story world that comes to live in the middle of the night or boom! They live as they play with the kids.

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But if some relatives or friends insist to give actual stuff, mother can suggest to give some books or ebooks or anything that actually educate them or you love as a child. By limiting the number of toys, we can teach them how to be grateful for their stuff, furthermore any parents won’t spoil the kids and separate the connection between the two because the more parents spend their time with the children, they will build more connection.

Of course toys will be needed when the children are coming home from school or any karate or music class and parents are still in the office, but by limiting their time to spend with toys, parents will gain bonus points for spending more time to play with them or just watch them play or run outside.

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