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Potty Training Hacks in just few days before their 2nd Birthday

This post shares some potty training hacks for babies in their 18 months and up. Becky has shared her tips that she did potty training in a weekend for her most viewed posts and #1 Amazon best-seller weekend book.

Here are ways how she did it:

Weekend Potty Train

Yes, you read it right. Becky did potty train for just 3 days in the weekend. She got this method from her mother which is passed from her Grandmother. Actually this isn’t modern method as she hasn’t known did this method, maybe you experience this as well.

Here are things:


  • Train the kids before they have their second birthday

Before they get their second birthday, kids should be trained that they are not always to wear diaper and learn to use potty.

  • Always praise and cheer them once they do well or even when they are willing to do it

Always encourage the kids to use potty whenever they need it and don’t forget to praise and cheer once they did it well, or even when they are just willing and still hard to do it.

  • Give them potty train for 3 days straight

Giving training consistently in some specific period of time can train kid’s discipline, including this potty train. By using this 3 days potty training, children will remember and slowly understand when they must do potty train.

  • Understand when they face some obstacles and teach them how to overcome it patiently

Potty train can be hard for their age, as parents we need to be patient and teach them how to deal with some obstacles.

  • Make the kids excited to be out of diapers to trigger them when to use the potty

Whenever they are ready or show sign that they don’t want to wear diaper, show our excitement and praise them.

  • As patience, use our kid’s perspective so we can understand their obstacle and regression. Find ways to deal with it

Regression is normal for the kids, as parents we will find ways to face it.


  • Giving rewards
  • Tolerate regression and giving punishment
  • Wait for them to self-potty train

Besides those do’s and don’ts that parents can apply, we also need to give signs and interest how important and interesting potty training is. For example we can pretend to go to bathroom and give signs that we will peeing or pooping, we show them interest whenever others use bathroom, we teach them how to flush the toilet and other things related to the toilet usage.

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