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Best Nursery Gliders: 2022 Guide

Gliders are an important piece of furniture that is a must in your baby’s room. It does more than just rock or swivel, a good and comfortable nursery gliders will allow you to relax and be comfortable and enjoy the precious moments with your child. Let me give you an eg, after spending hours working or doing chores, you would want to spend quality time with your child, but you might be too tired to carry them around or the bed or sofa may not be the most comfortable to accommodate both of you, in such situations a glider comes handy. A glider’s soft and comfortable cushions will keep you extremely comfortable and relaxed and also at the same time your baby will enjoy it a lot too. Now, since you are ready and super excited to buy a glider, let’s get onto the next step. 

Now, if you take a quick google search I am certain you will be overwhelmed with the different choices there are, I mean, buying a glider for your child is or at least close to the decision to buy them their first car (a glider is technically their first car). There are gliders that can rock, that can swivel, recline, I mean the options are endless. So before you enter the world of gliders, there are some factors you need to keep in mind, those are

  • COMFORT: This is the first and foremost factor you should be looking for in a glider. If the glider is not comfortable, then there is no point in purchasing it, the main purpose of the glider is for you to sit comfortably and at the same time hold or carry your baby without feeling any strain or pressure on your hand. So make sure you test out the glider before purchasing it, or if you are buying it online, test it out and if it isn’t comfortable then return it back.
  • COST: Before you make the decision to purchase a glider, just like everything else set yourself a budget. Gliders come in a range of different prices and do not even look at the ones that are out of your set budget.
  • QUALITY: Ensure that the quality of the glider is good and certified by the GoldGuard or some other regulators, because you want to purchase gliders that do not have any toxic or chemical components, your baby will be sitting on the glider and their bodies are not strong enough to tolerate materials that have some sort of chemical components. So make sure that the quality of the materials is first-rate.
  • CONSTRUCTION: You want to make sure that the construction of the glider is good and strong. You do not want to buy a glider that cannot handle you or your child’s weight, or a glider that after a prolonged period of use loses its structure and stability. So make sure that the built quality is good.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Buy one that is easy to clean, because when you are handling your baby on the glider, some sort of spill or stain is guaranteed, so in such cases, you would want to buy one that is super easy to clean
  • QUIET: Some gliders tend to make a lot of noise while rocking or swiveling, make sure you purchase one that does not make much sound, or it will just be disturbing you and your child.

Make sure you keep the above-mentioned factors in your head before purchasing one. In order to help you more, we have made a list of the top gliders that you can buy, but as I said make sure all the above-mentioned factors get a tick and only then proceed to buy it.

List of Best Nursery Gliders

  • Crate and Kids Bakersfield Rocking Chair
  • DaVinci Swivel Nursery Glider
  • Monte Luca Glider Chair and Ottoman
  • Pottery Barn Kids Charleston Swivel Glider and Recliner
  • Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Nursery Glider
  • Windsor Nursery Glider and Ottoman
  • Babyletto Kiwi Power Recliner and Swivel Glider
  • Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman
  • Naomi Home Swivel Rocker Recliner
  • Stork Craft Glider with Ottoman

Crate and Kids Bakersfield Rocking Chair

One of the best and most simple gliders you can buy. If you don’t care much about the swivel or rotating features, and just want a solid glider that is comfortable to sit on and can rock back and forth smoothly, then this is the one for you. The Crate and Kids rocking chair has a really sleek design that can fit with any decor or any furniture. The glider has a padded seat and also a reversible lumbar pillow which makes it extremely comfortable to sit on. The fabric is also really easy to wash, so you do not have to worry about any stains or spills. The chair, however, does not have any cushions on the arm, so there is a risk that your child could hit their head on the armrest, and also as mentioned it does not have any of the cool or unique features, the chair also does not provide a headrest, so if your taller than average, then this not the one for you. If all the issues are not a problem for you, then this is a perfect choice, also you will not have to rob a bank to buy this chair, this will very well fit within your budget.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable


  • No cushions on the side
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Does not have any other features

DaVinci Swivel Nursery Glider

The DaVinci Glider is perfect for those who are of average or less than average height. The glider sits lower to the ground and also has a supportive lumbar section to provide maximum support. The best feature of this glider is that it swivels. The swivel is super effective and works well with baby’s and also if you want to turn around and grab something, then you can easily do it. Also, this chair has the standard rocking feature as well. Moreover, the material used to make the chair is free of chemical components. The chair also has an ottoman, thus you can put your feet up and have the best time of your life with your kid and also be extremely comfortable at the same time. But, some parents mentioned that with each rock the chair makes a noise. Also, the chair does not have a protective cover, so in case you spill something, then it will be a bit hard to wash it off.


  • Good swivel function
  • Has lumbar and neck support
  • An ottoman is included


  • No protective cover
  • As mentioned, the chair starts to make a noise each time you rock in it

Monte Luca Glider Chair and Ottoman

The Monte bard was created by two parents who wanted to make a glider that was super comfortable and functional, so you can be assured of the quality and the built. The glider comes with an ottoman and is also great for parents with limited space. In terms of comfort, the chair is superior, the armrest is made to offer ergonomic support while you feed your baby. Also, the chair has a high back which provides maximum lumbar support, and also has well-designed and comfortable head support, in short, comfort is guaranteed. The glider is super sleek and modern in design and can easily fit with any decor. The chair has the standard rocking feature, which is extremely easy to do and does not make even a single sound. The only issue with this chair is that, as you can imagine with all this comfort and functions the price is a bit too high. But if you can afford it, then this is a must-get.


  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Good rocking function
  • Comes with an ottoman
  • The materials are chemical-free
  • Durable


  • A bit pricey
  • Hard to assemble

Pottery Barn Kids Charleston Swivel Glider and Recliner

The Pottery Barn Glider will grow with your kid and maybe your child can use this for their child. The glider offers luxurious cushioning support and comfort. The glider can also be adjusted to three different positions and all three and super comfortable. The chair comes in different sizes, so you can be certain it will fit in your space. The chair is pricey but it is justifiable. However, the chair does not have any protective cover so it is a bit difficult to wash and clean.


  • The chair has 3 positions
  • The rocking feature is smooth and very comfortable
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Hard to wash
  • Pricey

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Nursery Glider

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This glider can do it all. You can swivel, rock, and also recline on this chair. All the functions work smoothly and also you do not need to strain or work too much to achieve these positions. The chair also has a supportive spring core foam-filled seat that offers maximum comfort and support.  The chair is also easy to assemble and the built quality is also perfect. The downsides to this chair are that it does not have any protective cover, making it a bit hard to wash and clean, and also it does not have a lumbar support pillow


  • Easy to assemble
  • The glider can recline, swivel, and also rock
  • The built quality is good


  • No protective cover
  • No lumbar support pillow

Windsor Nursery Glider and Ottoman

Another inexpensive and good quality product. The Windsor Nursery Glider and Ottoman is very modern looking and can easily fit with any decor and also with the other furniture. The armrests are also covered with padding, so your arms will always be comfortable while rocking your baby. The glider as indicated comes with an ottoman, and this ottoman has a cushion top, which is super nice and provides extra comfort for your feet. The chair has a rocking feature which is very smooth and easy to do. The chair comes in several different color options. However, some parents complained that this chair wasn’t that durable and long-lasting, and also it does not have a protective cover.


  • Affordable
  • Padded arms
  • Storage pockets


  • Not long-lasting
  • Does not have a protective cover

Babyletto Kiwi Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

The Babyletto Kiwi Power recliner is best for all those tech-savvy parents. The glider has an electric recliner button. The reclining process is super smooth and does not make a single sound. The chair can also swivel up to 270m degrees, but the feature that caught us by surprise is that the chair has a built-in USB charging port, insane! As you can imagine, with all this tech, the chair is a bit pricey.


  • Great tech features
  • Has a USB charging port
  • Comfortable


  • Pricey
  • Very hard to wash
  • Not long-lasting

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

The Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman offer the most bang for your buck. The chair is extremely comfortable, the rocking features are smooth, and do not make any sound. The chair has a lumbar pillow which offers maximum support and comfort. The cushions can be removed and put in the washing machine, thus making it extremely easy to clean. The chair, however, does not have any cushions on the armrests, therefore that can hurt your arm a bit, but other than that the chair is perfect.


  • Inexpensive
  • The rocking feature is good
  • The quality of materials is good
  • Easy to wash


  • There are no cushions on the armrests

Naomi Home Swivel Rocker Recliner

The chair is very simple, it has three main pieces, the seat, the seatback, and the sides. The chair is extremely easy to assemble and even more comfortable to sit on. The chair can swivel 360 degrees and can also be gently reclined as well. The entire chair is covered in a smooth, yet plush fabric, and the square design of the chair will fit perfectly in your nursery.  The chair is also extremely durable, the only downside is that some parents complained about the color of the chair and how it isn’t the most attractive to look at.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Can swivel and recline


  • Does not come in cool and trendy colors

Stork Craft Glider with Ottoman

This glider is perfect for all tall people, it offers maximum support to your head, neck, and shoulders. The arms of the chair are also padded to ensure you are extremely comfortable and there is no discomfort. The chair also has lumbar support, which keeps your back safe and comfortable. The chair is also extremely durable and the built quality is also absolutely fantastic. The chair, however, does not have a protective cover making it extremely hard to wash, and also the chair has these tiny openings near to the moving parts so if you’re not careful, your child’s hands could get pinched.


  • Durable
  • Includes an ottoman
  • Includes a lumbar support
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hard to wash
  • Moving parts that could hurt small fingers

These are the top gliders available in the market. Make sure you purchase one that is well within your budget and offers maximum comfort. Purchase one and watch how it transforms your life, and I am warning you, once you sit in a glider, you are never going to leave it.


Who really benefits from a nursery glider?
A glider isn’t a necessity, but it is certainly something that can make things easier for new parents. It is the ideal sport of cuddle, feed and spend time with your child, so in general, everyone benefits from a glider.

How do you choose the best nursery glider?
When choosing the best nursery glider, you need to consider your needs and the space you have available. Some nursery gliders are more compact and take up less space, while other are a glider and ottoman set which tend to be bigger and taking up more space. Different gliders have different features and price points, but the best choice for you will depend on your subjective tastes.

How do you clean your nursery glider?
To clean your nursery glider, start by vacuuming it. you can then use a steam cleaner to remove any germs and bacteria. If the glider has a removable cover, then just put it in the washing machine, if not you can also wipe down the glider with baby wipes. Dishwashing liquid can also be used if there are any stains that need to be tended to as well.

What are the pros and cons of owning a nursery glider?
There are many pros in owning a nursery glider. with a glider you will have a smooth, gliding motion to help put the baby to sleep and it is designed with the mother’s comfort in mind as well. The glider also helps create a more relaxing space for the baby and the cushions are easy to clean. However, depending on the glider you choose, it may take up more room than expected and the layer mechanisms on some of them may pose a problem for safety with children.

Can you use a nursery glider in other rooms of the home?
Several nursery gliders have more modern design which makes them a perfect fit for any kind of decor in any room of the home. They are not limited to a nursery.

Are these gliders safe to use for my baby?
There are certain considerations which make some gliders a bit safer than other. Primary among them is the exposed mechanisms which allow the chair to glide. You want to be safe with this and ensure that your baby isn’t exposed to then fast moving parts, of this is a large concern to you, you can purchase a glider which is upholstered to cover these parts.

Can I use a non-nursery designed glider?
There are certainly glider chairs out there that are not built for a nursery. While you certainly could use these in a nursery if you want, but you would not be taking advantage of the extra design functionalities built into these gliders. This includes extra room for your baby, safety concerns, and more.

Do I really need a glider in the nursery?
That depends on you, if you spend more time in the living room than in the nursery, then you would not require a glider in the nursery, and also if you don’t feel tired carrying your baby around or if your baby is comfortable on your bed, you do not need a glider. However, there are many advantages in owning a glider, but again it is not a necessity, it is your choice if you want to or not.

Are gliders worth the money?
Yes, they are. Gliders offer a lot of different advantages and having one can help you in your parenthood a lot. Also, if you buy one that is modern and sleek in design, then you can use it anywhere in your house, you do not have to limit it to the nursery.

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