Minimalist Nursery Rooms You Won’t Resist

After seeing the ideas for creating sophisticated nursery room, it’s time to see for a minimalist nursery room. Certainly, creating the nursery room will give more space for the baby needs, and be the place for your baby once they get older.

Enjoy the Simple Things

First of all, the basic rule to have a minimalist nursery room is to enjoy the simple things. Seems like you need to arrange grand design of your baby room and also the details. Therefore, allocate your time to understand the basic theme of the baby room, furniture design, room theme, and also the colors.

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Feeling a bit confused to decide the theme? No wonder, because there are too many minimalist nursery room inspirations that hard to resist! Moreover, you can see the 2018 nursery rooms trends or choose the color according to the baby gender, baby girl or baby boys.

For now, let’s take a look at these minimalist nursery room inspirations:


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Without too much effort, the animal concept for minimalist nursery room is definitely worth to try. Babies, just like adults, love everything about the animal. Moreover, you don’t need to do so much make-over to the baby room, just install some art paintings with an animal face on it.

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As a result, you will get a minimalist nursery room with the cute concept. Aside from art paintings, you can also put a tiny table decor to get the ambiance. Rawr!


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This color is another perfect option for minimalist nursery room. Beige is the warm color hence often used as the theme of the baby rooms nowadays. You can choose the floor with beige and brown pattern. Similarly, the art painting with beige frame will be perfect. Don’t forget to use a beige curtain and rattan basket to enhance the whole mood.


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Besides beige, brown is also a classic theme for the minimalist nursery room! Most noteworthy, the wooden pieces of furniture will have a longer lifespan according to the plastic one.

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Choose the cabinet with the combination of brown and white, also the edge of the baby crib. Too much brown in a room will never harm you.

Be Bold!

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Stepping aside from the soft concept, why don’t you try the bold theme? While you can adjust the theme by painting the wall in bold color, probably it’s time for you to exchange the furniture from one room to another room. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Apart from the furniture, you can also choose bold-patterned rugs to lift up the mood of the space. Add the statement by placing a typography painting above the crib.

Do you have any suggestions in mind? Tell us below!

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