7+ Fantastic Maternity Christmas Dress Ideas

Keep reading for some great maternity Christmas dress ideas that will make you look great during the holidays, no matter if you’re going out for dinner, hanging around with family, or attending a formal event.

Women usually have a hard time with fashion during pregnancy. They struggle with what is considered “appropriate” or how they can feel confident and beautiful even with a baby bump.

Maternity clothes are generally designed to fit a woman’s growing body throughout pregnancy, but there’s no need to compromise – these items can be practical as well as stylish.

Check Out These Christmas Maternity Dress Ideas To Flatter That Baby Bump

1. Elegance Outfit

An elegant outfit will be suitable for any party. Make sure to choose the right dress with a color that represents the joy of Christmas.

Check out the red dress below. There are several options of party dresses like this for pregnant women, and it’s a real chance to show off the elegant beauty of the pregnancy.

A beautiful elegant Christmas dress for pregnancy.
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An elegant Christmas Dress
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A brown elegant maternity dress.
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2. A Simple Shirt

A shirt can look good and feel good, especially after that large mean, and you are eating for 2 after all!

You can still keep this look classic or have a little fun with it. Options are pretty endless, and the major benefit is that it’s simple to change out of it and super comfortable.

It’s also easy to pair with a jacket and stretchy jeans, tights, or leggings. It’s a good choice for any stage of pregnancy. Take a look at some of these fun options.

A pregnancy shirt that shows off the bump.
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A shirt and jeans for a great Christmas maternity look.
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A simple outfit of shirt and leggings for a pregnant Christmas at home.
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3. Winter Green Dress

Make sure that your maternity dress has long sleeves and is made of cotton and wool so it can keep you warm during winter days.

Choose an emerald green or dark green color to fit the season’s theme. A nice touch would be to add some fur details on the hemline and sleeve cuffs for extra warmth!

If none of these colors suit your style,  go for a pink or black dress as it will always look elegant.

A Winter Maternity Photos in Green

4. Glittery Maternity Christmas Dress

If you want to feel like a princess on Christmas day, choose a maternity dress with lots of glitter and sequins.

It will make you shine and stand out from the rest of the guests and your family will love it!

Just make sure that the dress is not too over the top so you can still move around and enjoy your party.

A Red Maternity Dresses for Every Occasion

5. Red Velvet Dress

Why not try a red velvet maternity dress? It’s perfect for all those who want to feel sexy and glamourous on Christmas day.

Just make sure that the dress is not too tight, as it could be a bit hard to breathe in.

Silk Fairies | Darah Velvet | Fancy Maternity Dresses

6. Maternity Jumpsuit

If you want to keep things simple on Christmas day, a maternity jumpsuit is a great option. Jumpsuits are usually made of stretchy materials so that they will fit your pregnant body perfectly.

They come in all colors and styles, so you’ll find one that suits your taste and gives you the freedom to move.

Maternity Jump Suit | Tupelo Honey Maternity

7. Cute Maternity Dress

If you don’t want to wear something too festive or over the top on Christmas day, then a cute maternity dress might be the perfect choice for you.

Many maternity dresses come with interesting prints or details that will make you stand out without making it obvious that you are pregnant.

Also, they are usually made of jersey fabric to stretch and fall nicely on your body, allowing you to move around quickly!

What About An Outfit That’s A Little More Fun?

Snowman Maternity Costume

This fun maternity costume usually includes a one-piece jumpsuit that looks like a large snowman body and it totally suits the holiday season.

 It’s made of red, white, and black cotton as well as polyester. The snowman’s head is the hood of the one-piece costume with two large eyes and a carrot nose. Wear your snowflake tights or leg warmers and brown boots or shoes to complete the look.

Snow-Woman Maternity T-Shirt / Winter Pregnancy | Etsy

The Santa Claus Look

If you want to dress like Santa Claus for your family Christmas get-together, all you need is a red maternity dress and a Santa hat that can be found in any store around this time of the year.

Or buy from your browser, after all, shopping outdoors may be limited under COVID restrictions. Don’t also forget to accessorize with white gloves and festive beads.

A simple Santa maternity look

Some More Christmas Maternity Dress Ideas

  • If you want to be extra festive on Christmas day and enhance your pregnancy glow, choose a maternity dress with a Christmas print.
  • A simple black maternity dress will always look elegant on Christmas day, no matter what other decorations are around you. Choose the design as per the latest trends and match festive jewelry to enhance your sparkle.
  • If you are going to a more formal event, choose a maternity dress made of luxurious materials, like silk or satin. You’ll feel like a princess.
  • A wrap dress is always a good style option as it will fit nicely and be comfortable to wear. Just make sure while shopping that the wrap dress does not have any tight belts around the waistline.
  • If you want to add some extra warmth on Christmas day, choose a maternity dress with long sleeves and fur details on it.
  • A lace dress is perfect for a more formal event or a date night on Christmas day. Just make sure that the dress is not too tight, as it will be hard to breathe in.
  • A simple tank dress can also be a good option for Christmas day. Ensure that the dress is comfortable and does not have any tight belts around the waistline.

4 Tips For Your First Christmas Maternity Dress

1. Don’t Forget To Keep Warm

The first rule of thumb when dressing in winter – make sure your pregnant belly isn’t too cold!

Wear a dress or top over leggings or tights and put a cardigan, blazer, or coat on top of that. This will help you stay warm while still looking stylish.

2. Color Is Key

Choose a dress in a flattering color. Red is always a popular choice for Christmas, but other colors like green, gold, or silver can also look festive.

Avoid dark colors (tempting as black may be) if you plan to wear tights; they can make your legs look pale.

3. Choose Comfort Over The Latest Trends.

Look for stretchy fabric suitable for your body type with extra room to accommodate a growing baby bump during the Christmas party season.

You can choose the best one from your wardrobe for a gorgeous look you’ll love, go shopping with the family, or buy from one of our recommendations above.

4. Accessorize Appropriately

Add a festive Christmas necklace or earrings to complete your look. If your dress is plain,  add a colorful scarf or statement earrings. Items like these are a sign of confidence and offer plenty of flexibility to your outfit.


Can I not Just Wear A Regular Dress?

You can wear a regular dress as your maternity wardrobe. The key to this is going with fabrics that are soft and stretchy. You’ll want dresses without seams along the waist, or ones made of materials like cotton so they don’t ride up and irritate.

Remember, Christmas is about color, so don’t be afraid to opt for a number that isn’t just black!

How Do I Know What Size Maternity Clothes To Buy?

You may be surprised to learn that maternity clothing is sized the same as regular clothes.

So, if you wear a small in your typical store wardrobe, you’ll wear the same size whilst pregnant, it’s just adapted!.

How Are Maternity Dresses Different?

Maternity clothes are different from regular women’s clothing in a few ways. For starters, they’re typically longer and have more fabric to accommodate your expanding belly with pregnancy!

Most of these tops also feature some stretchy material like spandex because your stomach is growing.

Final Thoughts

We hope some of our recommendations help you on your way, and remember, whichever style you go for, make sure that it fits well and is easy to wear.

You’ll want to be able to move around quickly without feeling restricted, so choose a dress that is made to stretch, and that gives you the flexibility and comfort to do some last-minute shopping, visit some special friends, or lounge at home.

Also, make sure that you feel chic and confident in whatever you decide to wear on Christmas day. After all, it’s one of the most important days of the year!

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