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Marvelous Backyard Playhouses for the Kids!

If you have spare space in your backyard, then it would be perfect to make marvelous backyard playhouses for the kids. Furthermore, the kids will be delighted to have the playhouses! Once they hit the playhouse under the sunbeam, it would be perfect for them. Also, you can consider to install this if you have more than one kid or often visited by the cousins!

Jump in Excitement

We bet the kids will be excited to see the backyard playhouses right behind the house. They don’t need to go far, just a step away from the house. Above all, it’s also important to apply the concept for the backyard playhouses. Rather than just an empty room, it should be fun and filled with creativity tools.

So, what are the inspirations for marvelous backyard playhouses? Let’s see below!

Girls Time!

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The first concept of backyard playhouses is for the girls. First of all, decorate the playhouse with pink wall painting or flamingo statue in front of it.

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Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be in all-pink. You can also choose pastel colors to light up the whole space.

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Consider to have some picnic roleplay with the kids? Then this tiny white backyard playhouse can be the ultimate concept for them. Similarly, you are allowed to play as the seller and buyer of a juice stall! Fun, isn’t it?

What About the Boys?

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Well for the boys, don’t be hesitate to join the fun in the backyard playhouses! Play as you like with the parents, friends, or cousins. Most importantly, playing in outdoor will enhance their kinetic sensor and boost the confidence.

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One major thing that we love: a white and neat backyard playhouse. It’s gender neutral and everlasting.

Wooden Touch

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Join the fun by adding slides or tiny wall-climbing in the backyard playhouse. Likewise, you can adopt the wooden-concept like this one. It blends naturally with the surroundings.

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What about the inside of the backyard playhouse? You can install the creative bookshelves, desk, tiny chairs, and also the pillows!

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Seasonal Decoration

Another way to uplift the mood of your backyard playhouses is by decorating it according to the season. For example, different decorations for summer or winter, and also for Christmas!

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Putting some plants in front of the backyard playhouses is also a good idea. Moreover, you may add personalized touch like alphabet decorations.

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We also love this open air concept of the backyard playhouses. Most importantly, it’s suitable not only for the kids but also for the adults of all age!

Bright Touch

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Finally, we’d like to recommend the bright-colored backyard playhouses with green and yellow touch! Match with the surroundings, right?

What about yours? Let us know below!

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