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Kids Bathroom Ideas You’ll Excited to Work on

After reviewing about the kids room decorating ideas, let’s move aside to their daily place for potty: kids bathroom! Whether it’s shared together with adult or for themselves, it would be very fun to know kids bathroom ideas that you’ll excited to work on!

Potty Time Is Fun

It’s not just an empty words, but potty time should be fun! Consequently, the parents need to consider the creative way to decorate kids bathroom ideas. Regardless of the space, kids bathroom is always cute and most importantly, have to be clean all the time.

Care to know some kids bathroom ideas? Read on!

Bright Colors

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The biggest difference between kids and adult bathroom is the decoration. Similarly, you can give your favorite color to the bathroom. In contrast, the kids bathroom ideas can adapt the bright colors as you wish!

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Don’t worry about the inspirations. You are allowed to get the inspiration from their favorite cartoon character. Moreover, they will be delighted and can’t wait for the bath time!

Sign, Please?

Kids are visual human. So, they would be responding better to interesting wall arts placed on the bathroom wall. Likewise, this would be the next kids bathroom ideas!

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You can also add personalized touch to the bathroom by adding some initials or signatures of their favorite style. Don’t just choose it by yourself, ask the kids to choose so they will feel involved.

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To make it more personalized, you certainly allowed to put their photograph on the wall. Discuss which photo to take so that they will feel excited every time entering the bathroom!

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Little Help

First of all, you have to remember that they are still learning to be independent. They might probably okay to take a bath by themselves, but you should give a little help.

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Adding some details will be a perfect kids bathroom ideas, also useful to help them in bath time.


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Wall Art

The next option for kids bathroom ideas is installing wall art or wall sticker. Furthermore, you can make them feel cozy during the private time.

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Also, you can simply print the animal design and put it on a white frame. It’s nice and affordable!

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Details and Details…

Finally, make everything as personalized as you can. Not only for the whole bathroom kids ideas and concepts, but also for the small details like toothbrush holder.

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Or simply by installing a narrow sink with giraffe theme on it!

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Can’t wait to do this exciting project? Tell us your stories!

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