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Girls Room Decoration Ideas You’ll Love at the First Sight!

Ever think about girls room decoration ideas? So much fun! In this article, we would like to highlight the decoration. Previously, we have talked about girls bedroom ideas and it won’t be complete without the whole detail about the decor! Are you with us?

Sweet Touch of the Room

Actually, the basic rules for girls room decoration ideas are color scheme and ambiance. Seems like the soft color like pink will be the most popular theme since a long time ago. Consequently, you can easily find any decoration elements in pink.

So, as we have understood about the background, let’s jump to the main content: girls room decoration ideas!

Blush of Pink

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Can you resist the sweetness of this room concept? Blush pink everywhere! The table, basket, chair, curtain, and also the wall art with pink frame on the wall. The blush pink color scheme is perfect for girls room decoration ideas. Moreover, you won’t fail because this color is so much cute and irresistible.

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Similarly, you can combine the blush pink with white furniture like the picture above. Also, pay attention to the details like pillows, blankets, bedsheets, and wall decor.

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Flamingo Everywhere!

The next girls room decoration idea that we would like to highlight here is flamingo. Yes, you hear it right. Flamingo is always related to the girls hence the color.

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You can easily use the flamingo decorating elements as the laundry basket, wall decor, wall sticker, and so on.

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What about installing a flamingo teepee in the middle of the room? That would be perfect! Also, it can be applied in any sweet and charming room for all age.

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Don’t forget the details! Furthermore, you can purchase any kind of flamingo things like small dolls or statue for the decoration in your room. Most noteworthy, they are easy to find and affordable.

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Fresh Peach

Let’s move to the other concept that we also love for girls room decoration ideas. Instead of pink, you can also use the soft color like peach or mint green.

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Feel free to mix and match the two-tone color in the girls room to get the vibrant and playful feeling!

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Light Bulb Experiment

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The next girls room decoration idea might be familiar for you. There are a lot of room photos using this. Seems like the popularity of Tumblr generation is still acceptable until now.

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You can either install the light bulb for warm feeling during the day…

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…and the night as well.

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Either way, using light bulb as one of the elements for girls room decorations is a great choice!

What about your room? Tell us your inspirations!

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