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14 Enchanting and Super Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Do you have a pregnant friend that is currently about to count the days when the baby will be born? If yes, then it might be the best time to pour a baby shower for her. With these 14 enchanting baby shower ideas, anyone will be more excited to meet the baby.

To held a baby shower, firstly we should prepare the decoration and some foods. But be sure to prepare the right food, since a pregnant woman usually have to avoid some food and drinks that can danger the baby. In the other hand, a great decoration is important. Moreover, you might also use the color that shows the baby gender, like using blue if it is a baby boy, and pink if it is a baby girl.

After all, a baby shower should be enjoyed by everyone. Try to initiate some fun games to be play, but be sure that it is comfortable for the Mom-to-be.

Ready-To-Pop Popcorn

While you are thinking of some creative foods to be present in the baby shower, this idea might help you. Before the baby is born or being pop from the mother’s womb, it is actually okay for the mother to eat some ready-to-pop popcorn.

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Since popcorn are made of corn, it will be healthy for the Mom. But remember not to put too much salt or caramel to the popcorn. We want the baby to keep healthy until she/he is born.

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Decorating The Table

Of course we will need a long table to put all the foods and decoration. This one absolutely need some preparations. For example, you need to put a tag for the “Baby Shower” label, use balloon or hanging paper for this. And then, you will also need to decorate the table as cute as possible.

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Party Drink For a Baby Shower

Surely alcohol will be something that is forbidden in a baby shower party. But what if we change the alcohol with some fruit juice? Just make a fun label for this like “Preggatinis” below. Of course the content of the drink will be free of alcohol.

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Message For The Baby

Before the baby is born, the parents or uncles and aunties might as well want to put some wishes for his/her goodness. Then in a baby shower, you might also make some fun notes that can later be read by the baby when they already grow up.

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