Dollar Store Ideas for All Parents

Here, this post shares some stunning dollar store ideas for all parents need to know

  1. Dish racks for school stuff
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Get yourself a dish racks from dollar store to put your kid’s school stuff. By using it, you also can train your kids to organize their school stuff.

2. The ice pop trays for crayon and all pencils

What’s more creative than using ice pop trays to place your kid’s crayon? Instead of buying expensive crayon and pencil’s storage, it is convenient and super cheap to just use the ice pop trays from dollar store.

3. Soap boxes for cards and other kid’s stuff

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Get soap boxes from dollar store to store some card games and other kid’s stuff. It is so convenient and cheap.

4. Pool noodles

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Besides to train your kids to swim, pool noodles actually can be used in some conditions such as crib rail covers or obstacle train for your toddler

5. Shower caddy for fancy kid meals

Shower caddy is perfect to put your kid’s fast food in the car as it keeps everything from spilling

6. Laundry bag for toys

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Do you ever think the other function of cheap laundry bag? It can be used to store the toys which spread all over the house

7.  Glow stick for glowing bath

Glow stick from dollar store can make your kids’ bath glow and they will have so much fun while bathing.

8. Little buckets for art supplies

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Grab some colorful little buckets to put your kid’s art supplies such as pencils, scissors, eraser and etc.

9.  Ice packs from sponges

Submerge sponges from dollar store then freeze it, you can use it as ice pack for kid’s school lunches, what’s more interesting is knowing that we can reuse it.

10. Craft organizer for your girl’s accessories

The craft or bead organizer can be used to store your little girl’s tiny accessories such as her hair ties, small bracelets, small hair pin, necklaces, etc.

11.  Cheap container for kid’s puzzles

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Grab some containers from dollar stores and use it to store your kids puzzle and keep them organized.

12. Super creative window art projects

By using dollar store’s ketchup bottles, you can pour glue and food colorings and help your children to make some art projects out of it

13. Tube socks to warm up the baby’s leg

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Tube socks actually can be used to warm baby’s feet. Choose the cute patterns of tube socks.

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