DIY Mini Pinata Anyone Would Love!

There’s something missing from a party if there is no pinata. Do you agree with that? We think so! First of all, let’s take a look at the crafty ideas that you can make by reading this article, it is for DIY mini pinata. Do you ever wonder how to make it?

The Exciting Mini Pinata

It’s not too much to say that mini pinata is another popular cute thing that is irresistible! Moreover, by creating your own DIY mini pinata, you can choose the theme accordingly. Below, we have summarized for you the inspirations for DIY mini pinata.

But there are still a lot of inspirations for making DIY mini pinata, so let’s start from our recommendations…

The Fruit Pinatas

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Our first recommendation for your DIY mini pinata is the fruit theme! First of all, you can simply create this by preparing crepe paper fringe to get the colors. Most noteworthy, every pinata is covered in crepe paper fringe.

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And then, cut the strips of fringe in half length before snipping the fringe. You can do this for each fruit. Of course, it won’t be fun to do it by your own. Create the DIY mini pinata with the kids!

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Here Comes the Treats!

Whoa, the next idea for DIY mini pinata is the treats! Who doesn’t love to get a treat? Seems like everyone who is attending a party will be glad to get the treats pinata as a gift.

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If you wonder the filling of pinata, it’s either a hard foam or cardboard. Probably anything with hard surfaces can do as long as you can shape it into the desired form.

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After cutting the foam or cupboard, then you can cover it with the paper layers! Certainly, this is the most exciting step in making DIY mini pinata.

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To make sure the paper won’t go anywhere, try to glue it with the proper one until fully covered.

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Cactus Pinata

Next, you can also make this uber cute cactus pinata by putting the green layer! Similarly, you should prepare the paper crepe with the similar colors to make it more outstanding.

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Kids Party?

Once you’ve understand how to make DIY mini pinata, you can make your own mini pinata as the gift for the kids’ birthday party! Usually, the theme is related closely with their favorite character.

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Can’t stand the cuteness? For crafty souls, maybe you should try these 20 magnificent DIY kids decoration ideas!

Then please, make your own DIY mini pinata and share with us the result!

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