DIY Kids Decoration Ideas For Your Quality Time

Rather than simply buying things at a glance, it’s actually would be more exciting to make things from the scratch. Most noteworthy, if it’s related to designing your children’s room. This time, we will give you some suggestions about DIY kids decoration ideas, that also can give you mutual benefit! What is it?

Quality Time With the Kids

Yes, you hear it right! While we are talking about DIY kids decoration ideas, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask the kids to come along! Above all, the basic concept is to have a quality time and strengthen the bonding with them. As a result, you can also have your own decoration items that will be remembered forever.

Perhaps it would be more meaningful than simply buying the things from the store. Moreover, the children will learn about the process and respect the things.

So, are you ready? Spare your weekend, prepare the things, and let’s have fun in making DIY kids decoration ideas!

What’s in the Wall?

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The first DIY kids decoration idea is very simple and easy to make. First of all, identify what things do you need in your wall. For example, the hanger or bottle rack?

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Once you know the need, prepare the tools and make it! You can find the instructions anywhere. Also, to add more fun in the process, don’t just make a plain wall art. Pick some themes especially their favorite one!

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You might also consider creating a board attached to the walls that can store the toys, books, pencils, and anything!

Indoor Swing

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There’s nothing can beat the fun of playing swing, also inside the house! Make your own indoor swing so that the kids will enjoy it to the most! This DIY kids decoration idea requires you to measure the space and height, to make it function properly.

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Not only the indoor swing, seems like hammock and chair will also be enjoyable to be installed in the room! Fill the chair with the soft rug, pillow, and dolls. Cozy and comfortable!


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Knock-knock, who’s there? The next DIY kids decoration idea is so easy to make. All you need is the sticks and fabric to install your very own teepee. The perks of doing it by yourself are the choice and taste! Furthermore, you can choose any color that you like, in line with the room theme.

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For example, if you want to decorate the favorite space for the boys, then all you have to do is choose the color in the same theme of the whole space. So easy, right?

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To make it even more interesting, place any signature wordings or signage above the teepee!

Wall Art

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Finally, last but not least, DIY kids decoration idea that is also fun to collaborate with. Rather than leaving the wall empty, you can print your own favorite picture and frame it before attaching it on the wall.

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Likewise, you can also make your own mini woven wall art in a geometric hexagon or create your own weaving decorations! Certainly, you don’t need to be confused, because there are a lot of tutorials on the Youtube can easily look up to.

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Finally, we bet once you’ve succeeded to create your own DIY kids decoration ideas with the children, you will probably want more!

Care to share some ideas with us?

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