DIY Colorful Garden Decor Ideas for A Stunning Look

If you love gardening, then it’s time to spare your weekend for one special mission. What is it? To create DIY colorful garden decor ideas! The ideas are so easy to make, fun, and affordable. Well, certainly, you don’t need to hire a landscape designer with a specific budget after reading this article.

Stunning Garden = Happiness

Looking at greens and plants is one of the most relaxing ways to make you forget the routine activities for a while. For this reason, many people will do their best to create a stunning garden. Probably DIY colorful garden decor is one of them.

Care to take a look at some ideas?


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These lovely wooden wall-plant are too cute to resist! You can simply make your DIY colorful garden decor in hexagon shape. After that, put your lovely roses on it! Touchè!

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Who said that rice bowls can’t be used for other creative purpose? Look at these bright hanging plants! Most noteworthy, this is so affordable just like the PVC pipe ideas.

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Also the hanger for wall plant.. Cute!

Colorful Garden

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One of the easiest ways to create colorful garden is by putting so many colors in it! For example, you can choose the orange planter…

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…or colorful cans for attached to the wall. Or the white pots will do good as well.

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Play Space?

Who said that garden can’t be the play space for the kids? Moreover, you can install the blackboard and let the children paint anything that they like!

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Love the idea of rustic garden? Then this DIY colorful garden decor with wooden theme might be under your radar.

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Write anything as you like to the plants. Similarly, you can purchase the black board and write the plant name with white chalk on it.

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We also love the DIY colorful garden decor idea of hexagon wall-plant! So edgy and save many spaces in the house or garden.

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Any inspiration related to garden seems always fun to collaborate with. Yes, ask along the kids to create the DIY colorful garden decor or 19 colorful garden ideas.

What about indoor plant? We know about the trend, consider to create the air plant ideas and put it in your kids room! So many creativity from one theme: gardening!

Love the ideas we share? Show us some love by leaving comment below! Happy gardening!

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