13 Must-Try DIY Ninja Warrior Course Ideas For Backyard Fun In 2022

The backyard can be an excellent place for children to play, and if you’re lucky enough to have an aspiring ninja warrior in the house then it is also the perfect place to create an obstacle course.

With little more than some rope, a few wooden boards or wood stepping stones, and DIY plans, you and your little kids can create your own DIY Ninja Warrior Course for the backyard and have your kids playing outdoors in no time at all.

Kids Love Being Outdoors  

The Ninja obstacle course is a great addition to the yard and will help keep kids active while trying out different challenges like the balance beam, slack line, or just climbing walls. 

If you have little ones of different ages or ability then it’s easy enough to vary things up a little bit so that everyone can take part and have an awesome time.

It’s also a fantastic way for parents to get their kids involved in physical activity even when they are stuck at home, which has been the case for a lot of us recently with how things have been!

It doesn’t matter how much time they spend outdoors, it will improve their focus, and help eat up some of that energy, as well as give you and them a break.

So grab what you need from around the house and let your child loose outside today!

Here are some ninja warrior obstacle course ideas to get started.

1. Hanging Yourself Up High

This kind of exercise is perfect for strengthening the hands. It would be best to ask a carpenter to build a solid wooden frame and then hang some galvanized pipe along to give something to hang off.

Make sure that it is high enough so that your feet won’t reach the ground when you turn into it and consider having different heights for the more adventurous.

You can even use them for pull ups if fancying a little bit of extra exercise. This is as good for the big kids in the household as well as the small!

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 16 Result
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2. The Elevated Hurdles Course

It’s easy to make this ninja warrior obstacle even with limited space because it is elevated from the ground. All you need are old tires, wooden planks, and a salmon ladder!

And if you happen to create an even more challenging course, add stepping stones that require running on top of them too!

You can also attach wires or ropes through the tires or buy a swing set. Youngsters will never get bored with this design since there are many ways to practice their skills for different challenges and it’s an easy way to create a backyard ninja warrior course!

3. Skewed Board Along The Way

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 11 Result
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Do your kids love challenges? If yes, then they might like challenging obstacles like the skewed board. It is such a popular obstacle on the American Ninja Warrior.

All you need is to prepare 5-6 skewed wooden board and place it in your backyard. After that, let the kids play along the way.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 10 Result
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4. The Staircase Obstacle

It is another American ninja warrior course idea that would be perfect for any backyard. It may appear simple, but don’t underestimate it because it will improve the sense of balance and coordination and can be easy to complete which is good for confidence!

Set up wooden planks vertically to take steps that would require going up and then down as many times as possible as they attempt to get to the other side.

You can also add ropes or wires across the staircase so players would have to swing over them as they climb their way up.

This design will encourage kids to develop their agility by jumping, climbing, and balancing as they explore different methods for crossing this obstacle.

And if you want more challenges, add hanging blocks or tires to spice things up!

5. The Rope Swing Obstacle

This design is similar to the Staircase Obstacle because it will test your coordination and balance. Just install wood planks vertically on the ground with a gap between them so players would have to jump across them as they balance themselves.

They’ll also have to coordinate their steps for when to land correctly and adequately, which can be hard to complete at first but great for entertainment purposes!

DIY ninja warrior rope swing
the rope swing is a thrill for everyone

6. The Cargo Net Wall

This obstacle requires strength and stamina since it involves swinging from one cargo net to another.

You need to create vertical wood planks that serve as walls and install horizontal cargo nets between them.

Players will then have to climb the wood warped wall on one side of the cargo nets, then use them as swinging points that will lead to their next obstacle.

This design is perfect for players who want more of a challenge because they can adjust it depending on how high they want these obstacles to be.

backyard ninja obstacle net
classic cargo net wall, great for the backyard obstacle course

7. The Classic Monkey Bars

This design should be part of any ninja warrior backyard project. Perfect for kids just starting with ninja warrior training as it is so simple an idea, yet a great all-rounder and one of the best physical activities.

A steel bar set-up is best,  as bars for you and your children to hold onto and get their hands around.

Just make sure they’re not too slippery, or else kids might lose their grip! Since there are no hanging objects involved in this course, it is safer for small kids.

outdoor ninja warrior course monkey bars
monkey bars are great for strength and a lot of fun

6 Best Ninja Warrior Backyard Products

If you’re short of time and want an instant brought home solution, then these products are well worth trying.

The best part about these obstacle courses is they’re easy to put together, will fit in most backyards, and can give you an instant backyard ninja warrior course with great obstacles!

1. Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Get ready to unleash the power of your backyard with Fofana’s excellent obstacle course! Your child will be training as a ninja by building confidence, coordination, and strength.

A spinning wheel, rings, and rope ladder to build core strength training for any size are possible.

A step-by-step guide is included in the instruction booklet to make this as easy and stress-free of an experience as possible.

Connecting it up is simple, but you will need a gear ratchet or wrench for your tree, so be sure not to skip that part! Overall, a great product try.

2. B Branton Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

You can’t beat the 50-foot slackline, the bar holds, and the swing that comes with this Ninja Warrior backyard course. Plus, there are swings for all abilities to get them started on their training right away!

With so many different accessories and exercises available, this workout can be tailored for any fitness level.

The best part? When your kids get tired of building their upper body strength, there are tight jump ropes included!

It will keep the balance steady in the summer heat, winter chilliness (or both!), and all year long with accessories spaced out to change throughout every season!

3. Flyboard Ninja Course Line Kit

It’s vital to protect the mature trees in your garden, and this obstacle course comes with 5-foot protector fences so you won’t damage any plant life!

It is excellent for both kids and adults to have some fun. It’s a 40-foot long, 300-pound line with many different fitness accessories that can be central to your own backyard course.

You can set up an American ninja warrior course with all the classics like balance beams and gymnastic rings, or you could take out some of those bells and whistles to make it a 40-foot slackline.

Plus, instructions say that in less than 10 minutes, they’re ready for action!

4. Topnew 12 Ninja Tree Climbing Holds

This is the perfect opportunity for kids who love climbing. It includes 12 different holds, which can be attached to a tree and used just like you would use one at an actual wall!

Get ready for a fun adventure! The ninja course comes in 5 bold colors and three different shapes to create your own unique climbing experience. It can hold up to 230 lbs so is perfect for body weight exercise.

5. Dripex Ninja Warrior 65′ Obstacle Course

Do you have some big trees that are about 65 feet apart? If so, get this obstacle course kit. It includes a slackline with enough rope to jump between them and make it easier for your kids!

The set of climbing obstacles is sure to build stamina, balance, and strength. The accessories offer rubberized grips or wooden bars for protection against painful pressure on your hands as your kid navigates their way around the obstacles.

It has a max weight limit of 440lbs! That’s plenty for everyone.

6. Jungle Highline Kids Obstacle Course

The 36-foot Highline is a fun way for your kid to have fun without leaving the yard. With extra-thick ratchets, you’ll be able the attach all sorts of challenges like balance beams and swinging ropes on this obstacle course!

You want to make sure that it’s challenging for everyone, no matter their skill level. So by adjusting its incline and spacing, you can create a variety of setups and ideas that cater to different kids ages. Hence great for both elder and younger kids alike.

Bringing It All Together

The obstacles you design in your backyard can be as simple or complex as you want. These different ideas will surely keep you busy and provide hours of fun for the whole family!

Whether it’s a basic rock wall, an elaborate maze, some simple stepping stones, or any other combination of obstacles that comes to mind, we hope this list has given you some inspiration and enough information to get started.

Also, you can try the products we reviewed for an instant ninja warrior backyard.

Let us know what obstacles and designs worked best for you when building yours, and check out the images below to give you more inspiration for the kind of American ninja backyard obstacle course you may want to create.

Have fun! And be sure to let us know of any ideas or information you’d like to add of your own. We love to hear your feedback and input.

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