16 DIY Backyard Ninja Warrior Course

If you often watched the American Ninja Warrior shows, then you might as well get some inspirations for your backyard. You will want to build the obstacles for the kids or even for yourself as an adult to exercise. This is why in this article, we will share some ideas of American Ninja Warrior backyard obstacle course that you can build for your little ones and I am pretty sure – they’ll love it ! We call this segment as Hillary Recommends !

Of course you will need some equipment to realize the great obstacles. But don’t worry, cause there are some simple equipment you can use like the pile of wood that is no longer used, or some pipes to create the obstacle. Not only that you will get some fun, but also your body will exercise in a creative way.

Since there are actually many kinds of obstacles that we can build, we will divide this article into some section to help you categorize what kind of activities that you prefer on the American Ninja Warrior.

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If you build all of it yourself, you’ll definitely need more time and efforts but hang on ! I’ve got a complete guide for that too, you just have to keep reading. It’s right here.

Best DIY Ninja Warrior Course

Hanging Yourself Up High (x2)

This kind of exercise is absolutely good to strengthen your hands. All you need is to ask a carpenter to build a strong wooden frame, and then hang some pipe along the frame. Make sure that it is high enough so that your feet won’t reach the ground when you hang into it. If you don’t plan on getting a carpenter and want to outsource this very thing for real cheap, I got you all sorted here ! Scroll down ☺ï¸

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 16 Result
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For the children, you might also want to add some physical activities like the stairs before they can start to hang and move along the obstacles.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 15 Result
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Crawling Under The Pipe Tunnel (x2)

Next, you can also try to build some kind of tunnel by using the water pipe. This one is best for the toddlers, since they have to move a lot with this kind of arrangement.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 13 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 12 Result
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Skewed Board Along The Way (x7)

Do your kids love challenges? If yes, then they might as well like this ideas. It is such a popular obstacles on the American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 11 Result
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All you need is to prepare 5-6 skewed wooden board, and place it on your backyard. After that, let the kids playing along the way.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 10 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 9 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 8 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 7 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 6 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 5 Result
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Climb The Wall (5)

Lastly but not least, you can also build the wall climbing equipment for the American Ninja Warrior obstacle. Not only that it is actually so much fun for the kids, but also they will have a pair of strong hands after they practice for a while.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 14 Result
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Alternative for this setup- again, a DFY setup !

American Ninja Warrior Backyard 4 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 3 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 2 Result
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American Ninja Warrior Backyard 1 Result
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Ready to build your own backyard obstacles from these ideas? Then don’t wait any longer, our kids are longing for a fun and healthy activity!

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