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Disney Theme for Kids Room, Why Not?

Think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.

Peter Pan, one of Disney favorite characters, once said about that. What about embracing the happiness of your little one by creating a Disney theme for kids room? If you have toddlers in age 4 or 5, then it’s time to give them the space of their own bedroom. Certainly, you need to design a room that will be memorable to them.

For the Creativity

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep. Moreover, if the owner is your creative children. Due to the vast imagination, it’s time for them to choose their desired room decor, one of them is the Disney theme for kids room! Seems like all Walt Disney’s movies or character have a special place in every kids’ heart.

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Consequently, it will be great to bring the imagination even closer to them. We have prepared for you some inspirations to make their dream comes true.

Let’s check out the magical Disney theme.

Hey, Mickey, You’re So Fine

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The first concept of a Disney theme for kids room is Mickey Mouse. One of the legends of Disney character will bring a whole new mood to the room. Almost all the colors will be about black, red, and also white. Also if you have a daughter, you can add Minnie Mouse to the room!

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Don’t limit your creativity to put the Mickey Mouse anywhere around the room. The blanket, wallpaper, toys, cabinet, or even the mirrors. Most noteworthy, ask the kids to join your designing moment.

Toy Story

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The story of Andy and his lovely toys are memorable, not only for kids but also for adults. Therefore, the next inspiration for Disney theme for kids room would be Toy Story theme. The color will be around brown and blue, and getting modern by the touch of toys from the movie. Which one is your kids’ favorite? Find the accessories or toys as the decor element. Easy and fun!

Lion King

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Simba and his family are also one of the best movies from Disney. Decor your kids room with this theme to feel the tropical dessert vibe! Most noteworthy, you can also put a large wallpaper with Lion King’s character on it.

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Don’t feel like decorating the whole room with too much character? In contrast, you can also put a wallpaper or a statue of Simba to assign an identity to the room.

Pooh Family

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Pooh said that we can’t spell love, but we feel it. Perhaps the same thing will be felt by your kids upon entering this room! Furthermore, this is the best place to enjoy your quality time with the kids. Almost all of Pooh’s characters are bringing a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

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Interested to do any of these? Try it yourself! Also, don’t forget to leave us your own recommendation in the comment section below. Happy decorating!

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