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Direct Approaches to Raise a Well – Behaved Kid All Parents Should Know

Raising a kid can be hard. As parents we need to shift our perspective to see the world as adult and when we are with the kids we also need to change ours as if we were at their age and size. By seeing the world in their perspective means we are clearly fascinated by many things around us. But by doing this, Tovah P. Klein, a director of Barnard College Center for Toddler Development and Associate Professor of Psychology, admits that it is a good way to raise a well behaved kid as we approach them closer by seeing the world using their perspective. According to her, here are five things all parents should know on how to raise a well behaved kid:

  1. Always be there for them
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It is the rule of the nature that children always need their parents. That is why, it is normal for your kid if they always cuddle up to you, they still need you even when they push you away. They always need their parents every time and to calm them down when they feel sad, angry or agitated. Sometimes they need to know if we still love them even when they show their bad habit or do things we don’t like.

2. Parents are always in charge

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Some parents might got confuse to face the situation where the parents have authority to be in charge and let them know to stop on doing something in good way. For example, a toddler was being told by their mom as she keep pushing the vas besides her bedroom door, it worked at first but, the toddler keep pushing the vas again and again as she teases her mom. While her mother didn’t want to raise her voice for her. At this moment, parents can let their kid’s anger as they took away the vas to where she can’t reach it. She will learn her emotion overtime and understand that her parents still loves her. This way also build your child’s trust.

3. Being consistent for the kid

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Children tend to see and imitate their parents, hence be consistent can be a framework for the children’s day. For example, whenever they hear the bathwater running, they will take off the clothes and go to take a bath. Once you teach them some routines in consistently, never break it or your child might imitate your way.

4. Be realistic

It is important for a parent to be realistic to expect anything of a child. Moreover, it is normal to have regression for toddlers. Parents need to be patience to see and accompany the kids as they grow up.

5. Remember: the children are not exactly like their parents

It will not fair to predict the future of your children as you see your past, you both are different. Hence, it is important to mold their personality since toddler with your best.


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