7 Fun And Easy Christmas Painting Ideas For Kids in 2022

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is just around the corner! The stores are full of decorations, Christmas trees are beginning to light up shop windows, and images of Santa Claus and snowmen are everywhere.

If you don’t have your Christmas tree up yet then your kids are surely pushing to get things moving. And after the year we’ve had, why not get started early with some of our inspiration Christmas painting ideas!

Get The Family Together To Create Some Art

We have plenty of ideas of how you can create paintings and drawings, whether you’re taking a beginner’s step as an artist or already a dab hand with a brush.

We have some ideas that should inspire the whole family to create something cute for the house, or even a drawing of a snowman to put on a homemade Christmas card and stick in the post box for a friend you’re not able to see this year.

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

It may not be Christmas Eve yet, but it’s certainly time to get the Christmas lights out, the candy canes hung on the tree, and to get together around the fire and make some wonderful decorations and ornaments for the house and begin to stack some gifts under the Christmas tree. 

December is a wonderful time to relish the celebrations and to think of friends and family, and of course the kids!

Although it’s fair to say that the children won’t let us forget, even if we want to!

It’s Time To Get Creative With This Year’s Christmas Gifts

Obviously, so much fun can be had buying gifts. Who doesn’t love to shop?

But with restrictions how they’ve been and some of the difficulty getting out to the store, 2021 is likely gonna be a Christmas where homemade gifts will be popular among friends.

They’re also a great way to keep the children entertained and having fun whilst also getting involved in art and being creative with a little Christmas painting and drawing.

If Drawing Is Your Thing Then Draw!

If you prefer drawing to paints then get colorful with your paper and use bright colored contrasting pens to make some wonderful pictures to decorate the house.

Maybe draw a still life of Santa or a beautiful sparkling night scene as a gift for a friend.

And then as your confidence builds move onto some of our easy Christmas painting ideas.

Get Started With Some Easy Christmas Painting Ideas

One thing that can often be overlooked is a festive painting idea for your home this winter.

As far as easy Christmas painting ideas go, there’s plenty of them!

You could start with something simple like drawing Santa Claus onto a canvas sheet or even create entire village houses covered with snow on top of mountains.

Kids have a lot of fun making this kind of art so it’s difficult not to feel inspired.

These types of paintings are always fun to do because they bring back memories from our childhood days when we would play inside for hours while being completely mesmerized by their beauty and by the magical look of the Christmas tree and the feeling of Christmas lights glittering into the evening.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck staring at a blank canvas. We have gathered some of our favorite ideas to help you get started on your decoration project!

1. Painted Golden Christmas Tree Canvas

This is a nice simple canvas to get you started.

Paint a watercolor of a golden Christmas tree in the middle of a light blue sky. The sky should be lighter behind the top half and darker above the bottom creating a lovely contrast.

Basecoat the canvas with white paint, before adding the blues. Then add gold to create the stars and the highlighted areas of the tree.

If you want to take things further then you could add snowflakes and glitter to decorate the tree.

I suggest you paint it with acrylic paints but watercolors would work too, then apply a layer of matte medium over the top when dry.

Apply fine sanding sugar for snow, or use silver glitter glue if you don’t want to add too much shimmer.

Ultimately the idea is to create a beautiful night scene where the Christmas tree and the stars are literally the stars of the show.

painted golden christmas tree canvas
Painted golden Christmas tree canvas

2.  Mountain Village Scene In Snow

Frosty village presents an opportunity to create a winter wonderland. The kids can paint houses, trees, and even people with green scarves around their necks using white tempera or acrylic paints.

Let them use different shades of blue for skies, browns, greens for grasses and the trees, black for outlines, and yellow hues for the lights in the windows.

Kids will love creating numerous painting ideas of snowy Christmas scenes on large sheets of paper or poster boards before hanging these up on walls as bright masterpieces and Christmas home decor!

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas
Mountain Village Christmas Scene

3. Snowy Mountain Landscape Paintings

You can recreate a snowy winter scene using acrylic paint with crisp blue skies and a little Christmas magic with Santa’s Reindeer pulling him through the night skies.

Let the children have fun with this and paint fluffy white snow, trees covered in ice, and frozen lakes, and then a blast of color with the lit-up Christmas tree, the star of the show.

Of course, this is art and not true to life so have some fun and let imaginations run wild with these canvas painting ideas.

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas 3
Snowy Mountain Landscape Paintings

4. Snow Filled Sky And Christmas Tree Forest

A fabulous Christmas painting idea is to paint a landscape of Christmas trees set in snow-covered hills. You can use different colors like dark greens for the trees, light purple or browns for the hills, and various shades of white for the snow.

This would work well in watercolor techniques as well as acrylic and makes a really beautiful Christmas painting.

Remember to have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to be a great piece of art.

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas 4
Snow Filled Sky And Christmas Tree Forest

5. Handmade Watercolor Christmas Card

This is uniquely different from the above painting ideas. There are certain materials required to make this, including white cards, watercolor paints or drawing pencils, and a thick brush.

Use thick strokes with less pressure when painting in watercolor. You can also add some glitter on top if you want that extra sparkle!

And don’t stop at just the Christmas tree idea. A snowman, post box, or Christmas pudding would work just as well. Have fun, express yourselves. Art is about creating, and Christmas painting is the perfect chance to let go.

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas 5
Handmade Watercolor Christmas Card

6. Winter Landscape In Carpathian Mountains

Children can paint a landscape that features winter in the Carpathian Mountains with a large natural Christmas tree and beautiful green hills.

The children will need to wear warm coats and boots before heading out into nature for inspiration.

While they are at it, the kids may want to collect some rocks to take home for some rock painting which is another painting idea you won’t want to miss.

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas 6
Winter Landscape In Carpathian Mountains

7. Cute Reindeer Christmas Canvas or Decoration

This Christmas painting idea is perfect for kids who love animals. They can paint a cute brown reindeer with a red nose and eyes on a white canvas or make a Santa Claus decoration for the Christmas tree.

It will look great in the living room against the Christmas lights, bedroom, or playroom! Let your kid’s creativity shine through this unique painting idea this holiday season without worrying about messes.

Easy Christmas Painting Ideas 7
Cute Reindeer Christmas Canvas or Decoration

Other Fun Christmas Canvas Painting Ideas

Painting Tips For Kids

Use thick paintbrushes or sponges to make painting easier for kids.

Keep the colors bright and vibrant but easy to apply by adding a little water to them until it becomes easy enough for your child to manage.

Let kids put their spin on their unique designs of patterns, shapes, etc., using different tools like straws, toothpicks, and cotton swabs.

The idea is to get them to take the beginners step and start painting, bring their own ideas, and make art.

Let them be creative! This will help in developing fine motor skills too!

If possible, try including glitter in paintings as it adds a special touch no one will expect.

You can try craft foam instead of paper or canvas. Craft foam is thicker, so it’s easier for little ones to keep their hand steady as they create; plus, this means that the finished painting will also stand up on its own.

Plus, if you have any leftovers from previous projects, just cut them down to size and use them again. No waste here!

Summing Up

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from this list of 10+ easy Christmas painting ideas for young kids.

Painting is a great way to spend time with your family and create memories that will last forever. Try out one or two of these festive paintings, or have the whole family get involved in the creative holiday fun!

Also, don’t forget to consider Christmas rock painting ideas to get your creative juice flowing.

Have a painting idea of your own or some Christmas wall art you’ve created? Share them on the blog, so we can all be inspired and see what art and creativity look like in your home. Merry Christmas!

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