12 Must-See Little Girl Haircuts For A Perfect 2022

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12 Must-See Little Girl Haircuts For A Perfect 2022 84

Haircuts for little girls can be tricky. You want to find the perfect cut that will accentuate her adorable face and draw attention to those amazing eyes. But you don’t want to choose a style that will make her look older than she is or clash with your family’s style.

You may not be too keen if she’s getting a little more into her style and wants an edgy look, while you still see her as a little princess!

The great thing is hair grows quickly, and a little experimentation may greatly benefit her confidence and she may end up with one of the perfect little girl haircuts for her face.

With so many options out there, from stacked bob to messy pixie, it can be hard to know which one is best for your girl’s face.

Here are some ideas to give your little girl’s hair a super cute look, so she can take center stage in 2022:

1. Side Parted Bob

This little girl haircut style features a short bob with long side-swept bangs. A sharp center part is styled for this cute look, and the ends are feathered out to soften up this edgy hairstyle.

little girl haircuts | side parted bob
Side Parted Bob

2. Long Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is an excellent option for little girls with long locks. This cut features a smooth bob that falls below the chin, and it’s all one length from mid-neck to ends. A fringe of bangs goes above the eyes, and they’re styled forward for a sweet look.

This style works best on fine or medium straight hair types, but curly locks of medium length also look fabulous.

little girl's haircuts | side parted bob
Long Blunt Cut

3. Shoulder Length With Fringe

This is an absolutely gorgeous style for little girls with long hair. The shoulder-length cut features layers through the top and sides, creating volume at the crown area.

A short fringe of bangs goes across the forehead to soften up the face. Face framing layers are also added around the back and below to make this look, texture, and movement perfect for any season!

Little Girl's Haircuts | Shoulder Length With Fringe
Shoulder Length With Fringe

4. Curl-Defining Trim

A great way to enhance curls is by adding layers. This little girl’s haircut style features long, soft hair with defined ringlets around the crown and sides of the head. The rest of the cut falls below the shoulders for a flattering look that works well on all curl types!

The fringe bangs are styled straight across in front to give this look some structure while still allowing your daughter’s natural texture to shine through. 

Little Girl Haircut | Curl-Defining Trim
Curl-Defining Trim

5. Lob With Full Bangs

This style features a long bob that’s layered throughout for added volume and movement. The front pieces are styled forward to create full bangs, while the back is pulled up into an updo style. 

This look keeps hair out of your daughter’s face so she can play around outside or do whatever else without worrying about her locks getting in the way! A deep side part enhances this cute little girl haircut even further! 

Little Girl's Haircuts | Lob With Full Bangs
Lob With Full Bangs

6. Baby Pixie Cut

This cute little girl haircut is a brilliant example of a pixie cut because it’s not too short. The style features a long bob with layers throughout for added volume and movement.

A deep side part separates hair from forehead to mid-neck, which adds sophistication to this stylish haircut!

This works best on thick locks that aren’t too fine or coarse. However, curly, thin textures tend not to hold updos as well due to their thickness and course nature. 

Little Girl's Haircuts | Baby Pixie Cut
Baby Pixie Cut

7. Tapered Coily Cut

A tapered cut works well for little girls with wavy hair. The girl bob haircuts feature a long bob that’s all one length throughout the back and sides while being styled into defined, bouncy ringlets towards the front of her head.

A deep side part breaks up the volume at the top to keep this look from looking too heavy or bulky around your daughter’s face.

Little Girl's Haircuts | Tapered Coily Cut
Tapered Coily Cut

8. Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

A simple shoulder-length cut is always in style for little girls. It falls naturally, with subtle layers throughout to enhance volume and movement around the crown area of her head. 

The back can be worn down or tied into a ponytail. But it’s another style that tends to be better kept in place unless she has thin hair as it can get tricky with thicker textures.

Little Girl's Haircut | The Blunt Cut
Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

9. The Bubble Cut

The bubble cut is another of our great little girl haircuts that will look adorable on young girls as well as older ones, always giving a great look.

This short, shoulder-length hair has slightly longer bangs in the front and shorter sides to frame her face beautifully. With this hairstyle, she can wear it either straight or curly for different looks!

Little Girl's Haircut | The Bubble Cut
The Bubble Cut

10. Shoulder Length Shag With Bangs

A shag cut is an excellent choice for little girls who want to add some edge to their look. This great hair style features long layers throughout the back and sides, while the bangs are styled straight across in front to soften up facial features.

This hairstyle works best on coarse textures because it enhances natural curl curvature so well.

Little Girl's Haircuts | Shoulder Length Shag With Bangs
Shoulder Length Shag With Bangs

11. Heavy Side Bangs

A heavy side bang is a perfect cut for little girls who love to play around outside. Because it falls naturally, with subtle layers throughout to enhance volume and movement around the crown area of her head.

A deep side part separates hair from forehead to mid-neck, which adds sophistication to this adorable look! 

Little Girl Haircut | Heavy Side Bangs
Heavy Side Bangs

12. Chin Length Bob For Straight Hair

This cut features a long bob that’s all one length throughout the back and sides while being styled into defined curls towards the front of her head. 

This hairstyle works great on curly hair because no unique shapes or embellishments need enhanced definition. It enhances natural curl curvature so well and therefore your little girl’s face as well! 

Little Girl Haircut | Chin Length Bob For Straight Hair
Chin Length Bob For Straight Hair

Other Little Girl Haircut Ideas

Tips to Choose a Better Haircut Style for Little Girl’s Hair

  • Decide what you want the new cut to look like on your little girl.
  • Think about your child’s personality and her interests. For example, if she likes princesses, consider something like Aurora’s hairstyle from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Determine how much time your child spends styling each morning. If it’s a hassle for her, choose an easy-to-style cut. If she loves playing in the mirror, find a style that will handle it.
  • Make sure the length of the new haircut is appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. For example, short haircuts may be better for very young children who do not know how to style longer hair yet.     
  • Consider your child’s hair texture, thickness, and length. For example, if her hair is very curly or thick, choose a style that will work with those features.
  • Remember to consider whether hair accessories or hair products (we suggest coconut oil) will be needed to keep things in check!
  • Think about whether the new haircut would be suitable for an active lifestyle. If so, look for a style that can handle ponytails and pigtails.


1. How Often Should I Get My Daughter’s Hair Cut?

We suggest different times for different stages. A toddler girl’s hair won’t grow nearly as quickly as a 6-year old girl’s hair, and she won’t be as interested in style! Also, cutting toddler’s hair can be a nightmare!

So younger kids can manage with every 6-8 weeks between cute haircuts, and then as she grows up then girl haircuts can get away with just a trim to keep the edges in shape and the bulk in check, especially if she has long hair. If

2. Where Can I Get Little Girl Haircuts?

Many professional hair salons specialize in children’s haircuts. You could also choose to cut your daughter’s hair yourself or have someone close to you with experience master the art of cutting kids’ hair.

3. What Do I Need To Know Before Getting My Daughter’s Haircut?

Before heading over for your little girl’s haircut, make sure you are ready with styling products and other necessary items. It is also important to note if their hair has recently undergone any significant changes like dying or lightening the color of their strands. This will help ensure that there aren’t any inadvertent mistakes made during the process!

4. How Long Does It Take For A Little Girl’s Haircut?

A child’s haircut generally takes about 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on the length of your daughter’s hair. If you plan to get layers, curls or bangs cut into their mane, then be prepared to allot more time to get accurate measurements and ensure that every strand is properly shaped!

Summing Up

We hope you’ve found the perfect hairstyle for your little girl. Whether it be acute, a short haircut, baby bangs, or an adorable vintage style, we know that she will love her new look, and so will all of those around her!

Remember to consider what haircut is best suited for your child’s hair type when choosing their next cut. Going from long to short hair can be drastic and take a while to return. So maybe just a bit shorter at a time to keep things safe.

And don’t forget to give us some feedback on cute haircuts and your own photos of little girl haircut ideas to keep us inspired. by leaving a comment below! We would love to hear from you.

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