Baby Socks Flower Bouquets

First of all, congratulation for all moms who are expecting the babies. We are all know that being a mother is a precious moment all women can think about. To celebrate this beautiful day, people tend to hold a baby shower event as the baby delivery moment comes close by. Here we are sharing a new concept of flower bouquets which is made from baby socks. It could be the sweetest shower gift for an expecting mama for their baby shower, right?

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The new mama will be happy seeing beautiful sock flower bouquets and the baby will also be happy as the tiny feet got covered by itty – bitty socks. You can also make this pretty baby socks rose bud flower gift from any color of baby socks.

Before we start, here are supplies you will need:

  • Few pairs of baby socks, for the baby girls it will be better to pick the ruffled cuff socks with soft colors.
  • Few inches of ribbons with matching or contrasting color as you wish
  • Some pop sticks
  • Cute container for the flower, it can be small pot, cute plant holder or a DIY cute wooden box)
  • Silk flower or artificial leaves to decorate the bouquet
  • Floral foam which you can get from the florists.
  • Artificial grass or tissue paper to cover up the floral foam.
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Once you get all those stuffs, here are instructions to make it:

  • Lift the cuff and flatten the socks
  • Roll it up to the top of the sock
  • Pick the edge of the top and turn it over to the roll
  • To make it look like rose bud, fiddle a little until it shapes a rose’ shape and pull the center of the bud so it can appear a little longer and even look more similar to the actual bud
  • Add sticks carefully as its stems. Use yarn to secure around the bottom of the rose bud and the stick.
  • Tuck in the stem onto the floral foam then put it into flower container
  • Complete the look by putting tissue paper around the flower to cover the foam, you can also tuck in some artificial silk leaves, other small flowers to fill the gaps in every rose bud.

Here you go, your rose bud baby socks bouquet is ready as a gift for a baby shower or just as a centerpiece.

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