10+ Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents (2022)

Having a baby comes with its own set of problems and responsibilities. In the case of an individual having a hearing impairment, a regular baby monitor won’t help their cause. They would require a different type of monitor with added features that would fit with their lifestyle. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of baby monitors that cater to deaf parents/people i.e., those parents that have a hearing impairment.

So if you are a parent having a hearing impairment and were wondering if any such products exist, relax, as in this article we take a closer look into the top ten baby monitors that exist in the market that is suitable for deaf parents. We have also listed the various pros and cons of each product to make your selection process a bit easier. Now, you must be confused as to how a baby monitor will work for deaf parents, well there are three ways:

  1. By Video – There are some baby monitors that offer a video to the parents. A camera is placed in your baby’s room and you have a monitor where you can watch what is happening.
  2. By Vibration – In this case, a sensor is kept next to your baby, and you have a receiver that you can keep next to you, When your baby starts to cry, the sensor sends a vibration to the receiver unit next to you, and this alerts you and then you can tend to your baby’s needs.
  3. Light Indication – A light system that can blink is fitted in your room in such a way that, if your baby starts to cry, then the light starts to blink, if the noise of your child gets very high then the light starts to blink fast, thus alerting you.

List of Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

  • Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor
  • SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor System
  • Vtech DM112 Audio Baby Monitor
  • Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor
  • Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor
  • Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable
  • Vtech DM225 Owl Audio Baby Monitor
  • Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor
  • Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor
  • Audio Baby Monitor Timeflys

Buying Guide

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

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The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is considered to be one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents who have problems hearing or have a hearing impairment. The top feature of this product is that you can connect it to your smartphone, thus you will be able to receive a message or a notification in the form of vibration each time your baby is awake or is in distress. The product can be connected through wifi and offers HD video. Another feature of the product is that it does not take too much space and is also easy to set up, it can be easily mounted and is very much hassle-free. The product also comes with an in-built humidity detector and temperature sensor. However, the biggest downside of this monitor is the price you would have to pay for it. If you can overlook that, then this is the best choice to go for.


  • Sleep tracking
  • Smartphone sync


  • High price tag
  • Does not track the temperature of the baby specifically

SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor System

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The SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor System comes with a camera and a smartwatch. The parents can then wear the smartwatch around their wrist and monitor their baby’s movements. This is one of the best devices out there for deaf parents and those with a hearing impairment. The product also has an in-built temperature detector, that can tell the temperature of the room (however, we are not fully certain that it is accurate). The watch has a vibrating function, that notifies the parent each time the baby wakes up or is in distress. Another useful feature of the product is the night vision function, which allows the parent to keep an eye on the baby even when it’s dark. The biggest issue with this monitor is that you cannot connect it to a smartphone. That might be a serious issue for some parents.


  • Powerful and long-lasting battery life
  • Portable and convenient to properly monitor your child
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot connect to a smartphone
  • The melodies are loud

Vtech DM112 Audio Baby Monitor

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The Vtech DM112 Audio Baby Monitor is one of the cheapest baby monitors out there in the market that is suitable for deaf parents. A great feature of the product is the range that it offers. Moreover, it has a 5-level sound indicator with a visual symbol. Therefore, parents can identify the intensity of the noise in the baby’s room. Another great feature of this product is the “beep†function. The product beeps if the range is lost or if the battery is low. The VTech Baby monitor also has a DECT 6.0 Digital Technology, which provides a crystal clear sound quality. You can be guaranteed that with this product the only sounds you will be hearing are of your baby’s. In terms of portability, the product has a belt clip, which allows for it to be connected to your waist, thus making it easy to carry around. The product does not have the vibration feature, it does have a 5-level sound indicator which is extremely efficient, but to those parents who want the vibration feature, this is not the monitor for you.


  • Affordable
  • Range up to 1,000 Ft
  • 5-level sound indicator


  • Limited features
  • No Vibration feature

Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor

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This is a pretty basic product that does not have the premium features as some of the other products, however, it does the job and ensures that your child is safe and secure. The Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor is simply attached to a child’s nappy and if no movement is detected for a period of 15 seconds the monitor will vibrate. The product also has an audio system, in the case of a deaf parent, the product has a LED light which will provide an indication. The product does not have any wires, and therefore, it is very easy to connect and use. The product also has a rechargeable battery, which is a bonus feature. The monitor has very limited additional features, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem, because, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.â€


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • No wires or cords


  • No smart functions
  • Limited features

Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor

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With Philips, you can be sure that the product will be of top quality. The baby monitor has the latest DECT technology, similar to the VTech Baby Monitor. Moreover, the product has a long battery life and also offers a decent range. The product also has features like the vibrating sound alert and a 5-level sound indicator. The product also comes with a two-way talk intercom system. This allows the parents to communicate with their baby, which is a useful feature as it may help the baby calm down and ease their pain. The product also offers a range of up to 1000 Ft, which is more than impressive. The usual features such as night light and temperature sensor are also present. The monitor does not have a video function, but all the other features of the product work brilliantly.


  • The alerting system includes light and vibrations
  • Good battery life
  • Clear sound quality


  • Does not have the video function
  • Expensive

Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable

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The Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable is similar to SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor System. The product also comes with a smartwatch, which the parents can then wear around their wrist to keep an eye on their baby. The product comes with three ways to monitor your baby, those are audio mode, vibration mode, and sound light mode. All three functions work perfectly and can be trusted. Moreover, the product offers an 8-hour battery life and a range of up to 800 Ft. The monitor is extremely easy to use, which should come as a relief to many parents.


  • Three different monitoring modes
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • No two-way communication
  • No temperature sensor

Vtech DM225 Owl Audio Baby Monitor

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Another VTech product, this time it’s the DM225 Owl audio baby monitor. The product has a vibration mode, that alerts you if the baby is awake or is crying. Moreover, the product also has a two-way communication system and is extremely useful if your baby is used to hearing your voice. The monitor which displays the video is very well illuminated, thus making the video feed extremely clear and sharp. The product has a range of up to 100 Ft, which is impressive. Moreover, the product also comes with the DECT 6.0 technology which offers a crystal clear sound quality. The product is also easy to carry around, as you can just clip it around your body and move around. The reason why the product is called the owl audio baby monitor is that it is in the shape of an owl, which is a cool and playful feature. The biggest issue with this monitor is the battery life. If you can get over the fact that the monitor has a bad battery life, then you can 100% go with the Vtech DM225 baby monitor.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Two-way communication system
  • Vibration mode


  • Battery life
  • Connection issue with the baby’s monitor and the main monitor

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

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As the name suggests, this is a sock that is put on your baby. By doing so the product offers more accurate tracking. The specialty of this product is that it has several smart sensors built into the system, such as tracking oxygen, heart rate, and sleeping patterns of the baby. The sock is pretty comfortable and won’t disturb your baby’s sleep. The sock is connected to a monitor device that provides a coded color system that gives the parent an indication if the child is awake or not.


  • Tracks heart rate
  • Tracks oxygen level
  • Measures sleeping pattern
  • Good battery life
  • Smartphone app


  • Limited range
  • Connectivity issue

Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor

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The Cubo AI Smart baby monitor is a sound-activated system that notifies immediately if the baby is crying. The product has a camera, which allows the parents to watch over their baby. The system is impressive as it uses the latest AI function to monitor the baby and notify the parents if anything goes wrong. The system alerts the parents if it finds out that the baby’s face is covered by a blanket. Therefore, you can be certain that with this product maximum safety is promised. The baby monitor provides 1080p video content and you can connect it to your smartphone. The product also has a night light which allows you to monitor your child’s movements in the dark. Also, the vibration function can be activated through the smartphone app.


  • AI Technology
  • Sleep safety features
  • Danger zone alerts
  • 1080p live feed
  • Night vision


  • Hard to set up
  • Requires 24/7 internet connection, because of this battery gets drained quite fast

Audio Baby Monitor Timeflys

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The last one on the list is the Audio Baby Monitor Timeflys. The system has a two-way talk functionality, similar to many of the products listed above. Moreover, the design of the product is aimed to make the kids pleased and much more happier, so that if they were to notice it, they wouldn’t get scared. The product also has a built-in vibration function, which is a useful feature for those who have a hearing impairment. Moreover, the product also has a night light built into the baby unit, which can then be controlled by the parent unit.


  • Built-in LCD display
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Night light


  • Limited range
  • Low battery life.

Following are the things that should be kept in mind before buying a baby monitor:

  • Vibration
  • Camera
  • Option to add more cameras
  • Clear daytime and night vision
  • Portable base unit with a good range
  • Adjustable camera
  • Safety

Since we understood how a baby monitor will work for a deaf parent and also understood the features to look for in a baby monitor, I’m sure it would be really helpful for you to choose and buy the right monitor for your child. If you are a parent who has a hearing impairment, go for one of these products mentioned on this list. Now there is no more need for you to be under constant stress or worry. Buy one of the monitors listed on this list, and you can feel the tension and stress disappear. Your baby will be safe and secure and even if something happens, you will be alerted immediately and superman or supergirl can immediately get back into action.


Can we trust these products?

Yes, you can. These products have been tested and tried, also you can read the reviews given by parents who have purchased the product and used it. We can confidently say that all these products work perfectly, and you can 100% trust them.

Baby monitor vs security camera, which one is better?

Nowadays, a baby camera does not offer the same functions as a security camera. But if your purpose is to watch your baby and not your neighbor, then we would suggest a baby monitor. This is because the monitor would be significantly less costly and also easier to use, but ultimately it’s your choice, if you think it is a security camera that you need, then go for it.

Are wifi baby monitors secure?

Yes, the signal sent from the monitor to your home wifi network is encrypted. I assume your wifi is password-protected, hence it is safe and secure.

Do I need a basic wi-fi baby monitor or a feature-rich model?

That depends on you, if you just want to keep an eye on your baby, then a basic wifi model must be enough, however, if you want something more advanced, like two-way communication or temperature sensor, then the obvious choice is to go for a feature-rich model.

Do I really need a baby monitor?

Again that depends on you. If you live in a small apartment, then probably you do not need a baby monitor, also if one of the parents is always at home, and again if you do not leave the house that often, then no, a baby monitor is not necessary. But having one is always useful.

When am I supposed to charge the monitor?

When the battery is low, the product will signal it, you just have to charge it then. Most of the baby monitor’s have a decent battery life, so you would not have to charge it that often.

Can I add lullabies to the monitor?

The lullaby is a unique feature for some of the baby monitors. As far as we know, you cannot add any lullabies to the monitor, they come installed with it.

Will the vibration be painful?

A question we have received a lot. you can adjust the intensity of the vibration in the settings of the monitor. If the intensity is low then you can increase it, if it is too high then you can decrease it.

Do all baby monitors have an app?

All of them do not have an app, but the ones that do, provide a detailed explanation of all the things that are going on, and also it makes everything generally easier since your phone is always with you, you do not have to carry an extra monitor around with you.

Are expensive ones better than cheap ones?

We wouldn’t put it like that. If the monitor is expensive then it means that it has more additional features. However, the cheap ones also do a good job but do make sure that the monitor’s are legit and not duplicate ones.

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