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15 Ideas of The Best Christmas Crafts for Pre-School

Christmas is soon coming to your home. There will be christmas tree, lots of food and decoration at your home. People will gather to celebrate this moment together with family and the loved one. Do you have a pre-school children whose always curious in doing a lot of crafts? It might be nice if you let them in charge of the best Christmas Crafts made by pre-school. Got any idea for this? Some of the ideas below might help you figuring out what your chidren would love to do. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Gingerbread Man

All you need to make a gingerbread man craft are brown paper that are already cut to form a man, some colorful buttons, fake eyes for dolls, and another paper and colorful beads to decorate. You can change the equipments with anything that available in your house, as long as it is red and green.

You will also need some glue to stick the ornaments to the Mr. Gingerbread man. By doing this, not only your children can have some fun, but also they get an exercise for their motoric sense, since they have to stick the glue to the ornaments, then again try to make the best gingerbread man. This one is actually the must have christmas crafts that can be made at home.

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Button Christmas Tree Ornament

The next best christmas craft you can do with your pre-school children is making some button christmas tree ornament. This is even more simple to prepare. Basically, you only need three equipments : paper or felt fabrics (find them on the nearest bookstore), some colorful buttons and of course glue.

Try to give the pre-school children instruction to stick the button so that the christmas tree is well-decorated. After that, hang the result on the door knob or anywhere you think best.

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Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas is not complete without a christmas tree. Indeed, christmas tree would not be a christmas tree without any decoration. Instead of buying a new one, you can always make the decoration at home with your pre-school toddler. Here are some ideas for christmas tree decoration.

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Paper plate baubles is one of the best idea to use when it comes to make a christmas crafts with pre-school toddlers. Prepare only two things : plastic paper and some colorful fabrics or crepe paper. The kids will be having fun sticking the paper to make an artificial bulb for christmas tree.

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Name Snowmen for Decoration

Expecting a white christmas this year with your pre-school toddler? Then let’s make some name snowmen from some papers and a pen/marker. This will help the children to make a christmas crafts that will also make them practice to spell their name correctly.

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Candy Cane Counting Activity

Another good christmas craft you can try with your pre-school toddler is making candy cane from a white straw and red beads. Make sure you give a specific instruction about how many beads they should use around the straw, so they will try to count while practising their motoric.

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