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6 Amazing Celebrity Baby Nursery Idea that you will Love

It is not a secret that the famous one would love to give the best home décor, including the nursery room for their baby. Some of them give wild, cute and elegant look and with the help of social media, they freely share their room design in their feeds. So, everyone can see their various room updates.

Now, look at these celebrity’s nursery décor idea which you will love. They have various fun and kid friendly concepts

  1. Kourtney Kardashian
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For her nursery room, Kourtney Kardashian loves to throw pink shade all over the room. With the turquoise beaded chandelier and also the ceiling’s fluffy cloud wallpaper made the room appear to be a perfectly cute pink room. Once Kourtney told the media that it is currently her favorite room in her house.

2. Kim Kardashian

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With the help of Coco Rocha to design her nursery room, Kim Kardashian achieves her perfect connoisseurs One King Lane design. It is dominated with white and filled with some animal accessories, gallery wall, sheepskin carpet, beautiful pop art pillow and also a Pendleton upholstered rocking chair.

3. Kendra Wilkinson

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To welcoming the baby Alijah, Kendra Wilkonson and Baskett are inspired by the natural color of sunshine and blend it in their daughter room. Hence, the room is dominated with bright yellow color. They use yellow color for curtains, bold pattern rug which is also dominated in yellow and other room accessories such toys, pillow and even the yellowish chandelier.

4. Naya Rivera

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Everyone recognizes her as the cast of Glee, Devious Maids, and other programs. Now, she led people’s curiosity on how she prepared and arranged her nursery room. She takes the gender neutral theme and apparently it’s not really kid-like room which appear unique and unusual.

5. Tori Spelling

Beau Nursery 1 Copy 768x512
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Tori Beau Copy 768x512
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The actress Tori Spelling has given born to her child, Beau, at the earlier last year. What is more making the news exciting was she did her nursery room differently compared to the nursery room for the past child, Finn. Now, she uses emerald and navy as the main color themed for the room, with the touch of gold accent and some other accessories with malachite stone color. She said that it was inspired by her love of modage look, hence she opted the stone Malachite theme.

6. Nick Carter

Nick Carter Nursery 6 1 768x559
scr: Pinterest

The former Backstreet Boy member, Nick Carter, were welcoming his son last two years in April. With the help of nursery designer, Stephanie Avila, Nick  Carter and wife got natural theme for from Stephanie and has shared her work on the picture above.

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