Nursery Trends for 2019, Can You Guess?

Regardless of the prediction, nursery room is never fail to be cute.

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For you dear parents who are still expecting the baby delivery in 2019, have you prepared the nursery room? Before deciding on a theme, why don’t you check out the nursery trends for 2019? It’s now already a half of 2018, previously we have reviewed about nursery trends for 2018, and now it’s time for the next year!

What to Expect?

More or less, the nursery trends for 2019 is actually won’t be extremely different compared to the current popular theme. We gathered the ideas of nursery trends for 2019 below by examining the popularity, so some trends are still similar to the current theme, and some others are different.

No need to wait any longer, let’s take a sneak peek of the nursery trends for 2019 below!

Bring Inside the Greens

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In nursery trends for 2019, you will most likely see the trend of indoor plants located inside the room. This is closely related to the current trend of a house full of green, just like these air plant ideas.

So, don’t be surprised to see crib next to a big plant. Consequently, the plants have to be baby-friendly and won’t give any side effect to your little one.

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Lack of space? You also certainly allowed to put a small hanging plant as the decoration element. Most noteworthy, the concept of indoor plants goes along with the next nursery trends for 2019 which is…


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Admit it, the monochrome concept for the baby room – or even the whole house – have been popular for a long time, and won’t stop yet. In the nursery trends for 2019, the idea of monochrome is still used. Similarly, the nursery room will be filled with black, white, and grey.

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Feeling too serious? Don’t be. Above all, you need to differentiate the nursery with the other rooms in the house. Add some touch of animals or baby signature decorations. Furthermore, you can use this monochrome concept until they grow up!

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Summer Vibe

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Eyeing the clothing trend for 2019, the summer vibe might be the next nursery trends for 2019. Even more, the color will be around orange, yellow, and red.

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Similarly, the nursery room looks fresh and cute with some touches of summer elements in the crib, pillows, or the bedsheets.

Feeling Edgy?

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Due to the popularity of industrial and urban concept for the house interior, the influence also comes to the nursery trends for 2019. Dear parents, you might use this industrial concept for a sleek design nursery.

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Whoever said that nursery room should be all cute, might reconsider the opinion after seeing these nursery trends for 2019.

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We can’t wait to see the real nursery trends for 2019! Within 6 months, we will witness it!

Do you have the same prediction as ours? Let us know below!
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