17 Kids Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2018

Kids Room Decor ResultKids Room Decor Result

When it comes to the kids, of course you as a parent want to give it all the best. For example, by decorating the kids bedroom interior with the current design trends in 2018.

For this year trends, some of you might already aware of what kind of bedroom that will be popular among the kids. But for you who has no idea about this, you should probably steal some insight from the pictures below. Mostly it will be the monochrome bedroom that will be trending in this year. But for the kids bedroom interior, you need some tricks to make the color balance and looks good.

The mixing of the color is somehow tricky, since if you put too many white, the bedroom will looks so bright but plain. In the other hand, if there are too many black, the result will be a dark bedroom you absolutely don’t want. So, let’s check the ideas below that might be the solution for the monochrome bedroom.

Wooden Furniture Will Fit Best

When you decide to decorate the bedroom with the monochrome color, you can safely use the wooden furniture to complete the look.

Bedroom Trends 17 Result
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Not only that the wooden furniture will create the warmth ambiance, but also it is usually quite long-lasting, as long as you choose the best quality.

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Moreover, using the wooden furniture is great for the kids bedroom interior, since the material is light if we compare to the stainless steel one.

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Bluish Modern Minimalist Bedroom

If your kids love the color blue, don’t be afraid that putting this color for his/her bedroom will make them sad. Actually, blue is a very calm color. It can definitely create the calm ambiance for the kids to rest on the bedroom.

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The dark blue color is also still brighter than black. It is then perfect for you who want to decorate your son’s bedroom when you want a more colorful monochrome series.

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Animal Print Around The Wall

To make your son or daughter familiar with various animals, it is also a good idea to put some animal print or wall sticker on the wall.

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Not only wall sticker works, but a painting might be best to decorate the bedroom.

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Mixing The Color Smartly

Of course it is important too to mix the color smartly when you want a monochrome room. Make sure that the composition of white, black, and grey is balance, nothing more superior than the others.

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So, you already have seen the most trending kids bedroom interior in this year. Ready to apply the idea for your children’s room? Let’s surprise them with the amazing makeover.

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