18 Adorable Disney Costume For Your Kids

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As the kids grow up, of course they will need some strong characters for an example. The characters from Disney can always fulfill the needs for this. Therefore, many parents choose the Disney costume whenever their children wants to go to a costume party.

There are actually various costume for the kids. If your daughter love to wear princess dresses, then it might be a great if you make a dress based on their favorite princess. In the other hand, if they prefer some other cute character like Olaf on the Frozen series, we can actually make the costume for it.

Surely there are many Disney characters that can be an inspiration for your kids costume. But firstly make sure that your kids love the character, so that when it is time to wear the costume, she/he will act like the character seriously and happily.

Snow White Costume

This one is actually the most simple Disney princess costume. All you need is some fabric with bright red, blue, white and yellow color. Don’t forget to also include the ribbon accessories for a snow white costume.

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Frozen Costume : Olaf and Elsa

If your kids love the Frozen movie, they must be familiar with the Olaf character. It is actually a snowman that has a happy soul and always smiling. An Olaf costume is best for a winter party.

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Even you can make a DIY Olaf costume. All you need is actually a white jacket with hoody, and some fabric for the eyes, nose, and hair of the Olaf.

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Moana Costume

Are you having an adventurous kid who can’t stay still at home? Then the character Moana might fit your kid. Moreover if your little girl doesn’t really like the idea of wearing princess dress, but still want to look pretty in simplicity.

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Mulan Costume

Not only for the Asian, Mulan is a quite popular princess among the Disney princess character. If you have a brave, active little girl, try to put the Mulan costume for her.

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Cinderella Costume

If your little daughter loves princess so much, absolutely this one is for her. Cinderella costume is surely never disappointing anyone who loves to become a princess for a day.

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Mickey Mouse Costume

In addition, Disney is not complete without this iconic character. Surprisingly, Mickey Mouse is still quite popular these day. Not only that it looks cute, but also the costume is quite simple. If your kids wearing this costume, then she will be the cutest kid ever.

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Not only for a boy, a Mickey costume can also fit a girl. You only need to make some adjustment for the kids.

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