13 Unique Playhouse Ideas From Cardboard

Cardboards Playhouse ResultCardboards Playhouse Result

Do you remember when you are a kid, you used to play in the playhouse without any gadget? If yes, then why don’t you try to teach your kids to play in a DIY unique playhouse ideas from cardboard? Not only that you don’t need to spend so much money, but also your kids won’t be dependent of games from his gadget.

There are actually many playhouse ideas you can try. But firstly, you need to prepare a big cardboard, like the one for TV, refrigerator, or else. Then, you will also need some paint or sticker to decorate the playhouse. This kind of playhouse made of cardboard is best use in the house, however if it is a sunny day, you might also play on the backyard.

It is definitely possible to make an igloo house, as simple as making the simple playhouse that has regular windows and door. Below you will see that actually a DIY playhouse is as playful as the one that anyone can purchase at the store.

The Unique Playhouse

Usually, the kids love to play if they interested with something. So, you surely need to design the playhouse as unique as possible. For example, the igloo playhouse below is rather simple to make, with some snow stickers on it that will make it looks like the best playhouse on the winter.

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Colorful Playhouse

Especially for you who doesn’t really like complicated ideas, this one is perfect. In fact, you only need to shape the cardboard into a simple shape of a house. After that, you can color the cardboard with crayons or some water colors. In addition, you may also ask the children to color the house with the paint that they like.

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Or if you like, you can also ask the children to draw anything that they like on the outside part. Later, the children will have a sense of belonging since they take part when making the playhouse.

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Castle Cardboard Playhouse

Are you having a little girl that is also obsessed to become a princess? If yes, then you definitely should make a castle for her! This castle is not only easy to make, but also will make your little princess happy playing inside it.

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Even a simple, cube cardboard can be a playhouse when you are creative enough. Just make some holes for the windows and doors, then your kids can play inside immediately.

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