15 Best Indoor Kids Activity and Craft

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Who said that playing inside the house means playing with gadgets only? If you are a parent that cares enough with the development of your kid’s motor, then you should definitely think about some indoor activity or doing some kids craf. Below in this article, we provide you with some ideas of how to have fun inside our home with the kids.

Remember that kids are in their golden age to learn many things in their life. That is why they always desperately find something to play, or running around the house. But kids nowadays can be so calm every time playing with the gadgets. That is why somehow we need some brilliant ideas of how to facilitate them so that they can play at home while exercising their motor and body.

There are absolutely many ideas you can do for indoor activity. For example, you can build a wall-climbing beside their bed. Another ideas would be camping inside the house or make something from the cardboard. Let’s see how we can do it.

Wall-Climbing At The House

This is one of the most favorite indoor activity for kids. Not only that the kids will get some exercise for their motor and body, but also it is very safe since you can put bed or mattress below.

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Even you can build the extreme one to challenge the kids more. But just make sure that it is safe enough for the kids.

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It is actually best to build the wall climbing rocks in a side of wall that is near to the bed. Not only that you don’t have to always watch your kids while playing, but also it is a lot safer this way.

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Playing Paper Planes

Easy and simple, you can play paper planes with the kids, but this time keep a score. Make some holes in the wide paper, and write the score for every hole. The smaller the hole is, the higher the score. Then play with the kids to reach the highest score.

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Playing With Cardboard

Do you have a pile of used cardboard at home? If yes, then it is time to play with it. Be creative and make something from the cardboard. For example, you can turn it into a playing car and let the kids play with it.

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Mission Impossible Ribbon

This one is actually quite simple. All you need is some long crepe papers to be stick between two wall. Then ask your kids to pass through without breaking the paper.

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Camp Inside The House

Because, why not? You won’t get disturbed by the rain and of course it is safer for the kids. Build your own tent and start camping now.

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