18 Adorable Disney Costume For Your Kids

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As the kids grow up, of course they will need some strong characters for an example. The characters from Disney can always fulfill the needs for this. Therefore, many parents choose the Disney costume whenever their children wants to go to a costume party. There are actually various costume for the kids. If your daughter … Read more

15 Elegant Minimalist Nursery Room Ideas

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Expecting a baby is surely always a great period of time. Especially when a couple has been expecting since a long time, of course they want to give every best thing when the baby is born. Below we provide you with 15 ideas of elegant minimalist nursery room, for the millenial baby. Firstly, a nursery … Read more

15 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

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As a good teacher, working in a classroom means that you need to teach the kids everything good, especially to have love for each other. Not the kind of love that a lovers had, but the one for the other human such as their own friends. This is why on 14th of February, we can … Read more

13 Creative Kids Valentine Craft Ideas


Every 14th of February, we celebrate the day of love and affection with the one we love. Therefore, before we arrive at that day, we need to prepare something. Especially for the kids, since Valentine’s day belong not only to the lover, but for the kids too. Since they need to learn to appreciate love … Read more

18 DIY Sweet and Lovely Valentine Craft

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Are you the person who always cherish love, especially on the Valentine’s day? If yes, then of course you need some ideas for a DIY sweet and lovely Valentine Craft that will make this day feels even special. You don’t always need some expensive tools to do Valentine Craft, in fact you can use anything … Read more