13 Ideas of New Year Craft For Creative Kids

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Everyone is excited facing the long holiday every end of the year. Because it is the time for family gathering. Also at this time, parents can have some more quality time with their kids. While it is important to have a quality time, there should be fun activities kids can do. For example, as a parent you might want to invite the kids to do some creative new year craft.

In the spirit of new year, there comes the spirit to become a better person. For the purpose of this, there are many choices of new year craft you can do together with children. Since we ought to be a better person, then we might as well use recycle equipment to do new year craft.

With this intention, find something reusable at your home. It can be anything though, from toilet paper tube, paper plate that is no longer used, or anything you can be creative with. Just remember that everything can be a craft for the kids.

No New Year Without Fireworks

Firstly, the most popular craft on budget for new year is drawing fireworks in a creative way. For example, you can cut a toilet paper tube in one side until it looks like an octopus. Then stick it to the colorful paint for your children to draw fireworks. Easy and beautiful, aren’t they?

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What if you don’t really safe the toilet paper tube? As a substitute, you can always use another tools, like the cupcake liner for instance. Just help your kids with the cutting part, then let them stick it to a paper to form fireworks.

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Confetti To Celebrate The New Year

Aside from fireworks, you must be familiar with this new year celebration property. Confetti is really fun for all age, your kids will definitely love if you make one with them. Again, you can use toilet paper tube to make a low-budget confetti. Place a balloon in one side, and fill the tube with colorful sparkling paper that will pop on the first January.

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Balloon Clock To Count Midnight

Counting the time to the first of January is certainly exciting for kids. To make it more fun, you might consider to make balloons clock and  burst them every hour until it reaches 12.

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