15 Clever Storage Solutions When You Are Living with Kids

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If you are constantly living with kids in the house, then you probably need 15 clever storage solutions like what will we elaborate below. Almost everything in your house will be a mess when you leave it unorganized. Even more, toys are like never ending story: it will be more and more of them!

Different Age, Different Needs

From babies, infants, toddlers, you name it. Seems like most of them need toys and other creativity tools to develop their hand and eye coordination. Also their needs will be different according to the age. So, having clever storage solutions is a must!

For example, babies have different kind of toys with bright colors for their eyes. While toddlers need books, color pencil, blocks, anything you can see in the store. Thus, you also need to know stylish ways to organize their toys.

Calm down, we can sort it out by having these 15 clever storage solutions when you are living with a kid. Choose the one suitable to your needs, and be consistent to teach them how to tidy-up.

Library Concept

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Spare some money to make your DIY-rack behind the door, or mini-trolley, and also some kind of wheeled-rack. Choose the one with many slots so your kid can put their books in these clever storage solutions. Also if your kids are book-lover, try these creative bookshelves.

It’s Hiding Somewhere..

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The best way to make clever storage solutions is to make the things invisible to your eyes. Certainly, the easiest way is to make your own kind of secret place for storage.

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Furthermore, to engage your kids in noticing about this secret places for clever storage solutions, play a game with them. Therefore, you can play pretend to put the toys inside the clever storage solutions and give them ice cream as a reward, for once in a while.

Be Classified

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Finally, you can have a tidy house (for a while) by having these clever storage solutions for living with kids. Another way to do it is by sorting the toys by the classification to make it easier to clean up.

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Write by Name

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The most noteworthy way to communicate with your kids about clever storage solutions is by write on it. Similarly, you can use anything to mark the storage. Be it a post-it, chalkboard, sticker, or just on a paper.

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As a result, your kids will be easier to notice where they should put the toys or other things. Certainly, they can even manage to tidy-up and put things inside the clever storage solutions by their own! Great, isn’t it?

We hope that these clever storage solutions will be suitable to you who are living with kids! Don’t worry, the more messy, the more creative they will be. Any suggestion? Comment below!


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