15 Bed Selections for Kids Room Design

(bed selections for kids)

Whenever you are in the mood for arranging the bedroom for the kids, whether it’s girls bedroom or boys favorite space, there must be one thing that you have to consider: the bed selections for kids. Moreover, you need to think about the bed concept if you have more than one kid.

What’s the Trend?


Worry not, because there are so many kind of bed selections for kids that you can choose. Above all, it’s the basic needs because it will be the place where your kids have a proper rest. In contrary, no one wants poor sleeping quality due to uncomfortable bed selections, right?

To sum up the ideas of bed selections for kids, we have summarized 15 options that you can choose. Similarly, you have to understand the space of their bedroom and allocate the right bed. Consequently, you need to also consider the space for their play time, especially if you don’t have any specific play space in your house.

Without further discussion, let’s take a look at the bed selections for kids below!

Bunk Bed

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This idea is suitable for parents who have more than one kids. Otherwise, you can still install the bunk bed and allocate the other space for their toys or playing space.

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If we may suggest, choose the color that is neutral for both girls and boys. Furthermore, decorate the bunk bed with interesting toys or signage on the wall. To make it more special, you can choose a specific theme like the nautical or baseball.


Also, make sure that the room has access to abundant light and comfortable for them. Furthermore, do you need more than two beds? It’s easy peasy! Look at the example above.

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Bed House

This trend is becoming popular since two years ago, and seems won’t fade yet. The idea of having plain bed selections for kids is great by using this bed house concept.

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The plain brown bed house is chic and also cute at the same time! Match it with the monochrome bed sheet or wall art.

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Pay attention to little details..

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Moreover, don’t be afraid to experiment with the vibrant colors!

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Bed Sharing

Instead of bunk bed, you can also consider to install the bed sharing in choosing bed selections for kids.

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This concept allows you to make two identical bed. Also, you can ask your children to choose their own decoration.

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For girls, don’t forget to add touch of pink!

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Cozy and comfortable concept, isn’t it?

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Teepee Bed

Installing teepee is also popular and related closely with the kids bedroom. Interested on these ideas?

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Bring indoor the camping concept!

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What about yours? Leave your comment below!

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