13 Girls Bedroom Ideas: Too Cute to Be True!

Who said that designing bedroom is an easy task? Moreover for girls bedroom ideas. Each room has its own character, related closely with the owner. While adults and boys room ideas might be simple, let’s take a look at one more sophisticated yet interesting concept: girls bedroom ideas.

How to Design It?

Girls bedroom ideas are probably more aesthetic compared to boys. In order to establish a comfy space for the girls, there are some things that need to be considered. First of all, you need to pick the theme for the room. Maybe like this princess themed bedroom? Worry not, in this article, we will provide a brief explanation of the girls’ bedroom.

Similarly, the furniture and interior elements should be in one theme with the whole concept. Furthermore, ask the girls to choose the decorations like wallpaper, stickers, art painting, and many more. Also, make sure to warn them that someday they can be bored with this current decorations, so choose it wisely.

Let’s check out these girls bedroom ideas:

Flowers Everywhere

1 FLOWER Result

The first girls bedroom idea is definitely suitable with the concept, which is the flower. It’s feminine and elegant at the same time. Furthermore, pick up bright colors to add the exciting ambiance to the whole space.

2 Result

Above all, it’s your call to place the flowers all over the room. Be it as the wallpaper, boho decorations on the mirror, anything will do.

Cozy As You Like

4 COZY Result
6 Result

No matter what kind of concept that you adapt to the girls bedroom, it is certainly important to ensure the comfort and cozy. Don’t hesitate to install a hammock, hanging chair, or paint the wall with dim colors for relaxing feeling.

5 COZY Result

If the girls need some space to finish their homework, spare some space for their study desk. To make it even more interesting, don’t forget to install some art paintings, lego elements, or typography decorations.

Cheer Up!

7 CHEER Result
9 CHEER Result

Girls are cheerful, especially in their own sanctuary. Another reason to add their happiness level is to make their dream space comes true! Therefore, you need to be very creative and add some pompoms, bubbly wallpaper, statement throw pillows, or furs.

8 CHEER Result
10 CHEER Result

Choose the color suitable to your taste, preferably their favorite colors.

Abundant Lights

13 Result
11 LIGHT Result

There’s nothing more relaxing except abundant lights coming to your space. The last girls bedroom idea is prioritizing natural light from outside. Seems like this concept is probably the most timeless one hence becoming more popular nowadays. Add a twist of calligraphy decoration to adjust your signature style.

12 LIGHT Result

Feeling excited to make one in your house? Leave your comment below!

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