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10 Cutest Baby Room With Holiday Theme Soft And Light

Decorating the baby room with holiday theme is always something fun. Therefore, many parents prepare it so carefully to bring awesome result on the nursery. Furthermore, there are many kind of decoration that can be put in the room. Hence, the baby feel happy and the room will also look nice and bright.

The decoration using holiday theme for baby boy and baby girl room may not be the same. However, it should be typical and similar. Furthermore, it usually have a Christmas tree inside. Therefore, it will bring the jolly season atmosphere to the room. If looking at the proper decoration for the nursery room, check out the samples below. There are several ideas for baby room with holiday theme.

Baby Boy Nursery

A nursery for baby boy can decorate more simple this holiday. Furthermore, it needs a little touch only. Whether to put on a Christmas tree or else. Therefore, it will look nice and great. See below for the sample pictures.

boy1 result
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boy2 result
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boy3 result
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boy4 result
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Baby Girl Nursery

For a baby girl room, a pink Christmas tree can be a soft and beautiful option. Therefore, put on the tree with additional pink decoration will strong the atmosphere. See below for the samples of this decoration. It is soft but also look pretty too.

girl1 result
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girl2 result
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girl3 result
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Another sample of holiday theme decoration in baby girl nursery such as in below pictures. It is a good idea to add some other decorations around the crib. Furthermore, choosing a soft color always works to make the room sweet and awesome.

girl4 result
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girl5 result
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girl6 result
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Those all the cutest baby room with holiday theme that will look soft and light. Therefore, always make this décor each year for a better atmosphere in the nursery room. Furthermore, add some Christmas tree to get more sensation. Hence, the baby will feel the spirit and the joy.

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